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General description of the Montefalco Rosso DOC wine

The Rosso Montefalco DOC is a red wine. It is structured, with a great character and high quality level. It is produced in the Umbria region more precisely in the south of the Perugia province on the hills at the feet of the mountains that surrounding the Franciscan places as for example Assisi.

To achieve the high quality standard is necessary, during the refinement period,  several tastes from the barrels. The ancient tradition kept during the years that still today is used, suggested that in the Montefalco territory, near Assisi, where the clay hills are covered by a dense Mediterranean vegetation and the weather conditions are stable during the most part of the year, the farmers after having blended the “Sangiovese” grapes with the “Sagrantino” create a great intensity, taste and color wine (which is red-deep purple). The Rosso di Montefalco can be produced with other grapes which can be added to the Sangiovese and the Sagrantino as basis for a maximum of a 20%. All the other grapes such as the Merlot have to be absolutely local and of a different variety as long as they have red grapes.

This aspect, according to the DOC status specialized in wines from Umbria, permits to create a structured wine where the Sangiovese and the Sagrantino give their contribution in the scent and in the body but at the same time it can be also fresh by assuming a polyvalent aspect and  young body both in the taste than in the refinement. It can be easily matched on the large food tradition of its places.

The grapes used for the production of the Rosso di Montefalco are three. The main grape is for sure the Sangiovese that achieve a percentage between the 60  and the 70%. This vine is one of the most common in Italy together with the Barbera vine. The Sangiovese vine can produce an intense ruby red color and during the aging period can have also some clear violet reflections. The red wine have a scent that reminds the red fruits such as the cherries and the strawberries but also the violet and the spring field flowers. The taste is dry, lightly tannic with a bitter aftertaste, very fine. In its complex and balanced between the taste and the alcoholic degree.  

The wine produced exclusively with the Sagrantino grapes, differently from the Sangiovese, have an intense ruby red color with dark violet reflections, tending to the garnet depending on the aging. Its scent reminds the wood black berries and the ripe cherries. The taste is very dry but is assumes a duality in the taste depending on the aging and the refinement period. It prevails the tannin taste and the winy when it is young whereas the more refined has some clear wood aromas with a velvety but harmonic taste.


General description of the characteristics of the production territory of the Montefalco Rosso

The Sangiovese and the Sagrantino vines are cultivated on medium short hills at maximum 300 meters above the sea level with a density of about 5.700 stumps for every hectares which have to be exposed on the South, South-East slope. The grape harvest is traditionally hand made during October from the 10th and over depending on the maturation of the grapes. 

The Perugia province landscape is characterized by slimy and clay ground very compact and structured.

The wind of hills described as the “typical landscape from Umbria” show to the visitor several farmhouses on the top of the hills and very old hamlets.

In this territory the vines and the olive trees joined by tobacco fields and sunflower  with their amazing colors spread all round the land.

The Montefalco Rosso DOC has to be aged at least 18 months from the 1st November of the production year. Different aging periods give different typologies such as the Riserva that needs 30 aging months of which 12 in wood barrels.

It has a bright and marked ruby red color tending to the garnet color, quite opaque with few red reflexes. If crossed by the light it has brighter colors tending to a bright garnet with ruby reflections.


Olfactory it has some wood flavors to be associated to red fruits bloomy has cherries, black cherry and plum. The Montefalco Rosso DOC has very intense and market scents. It is remarkable for its maintenance of its peculiarity even after many hours of settling.

The taste of this wine from Umbria warms up and rocks the taster and it is dry, with a good structure and tannins. It represents perfectly the aesthetically and the olfactory analysis by guaranteeing also a great persistence. It is structured but drinkable.


Suggested matches and service temperature for the Montefalco Rosso Doc

There could be several matches with this wine due to its polyvalence.

By the way the best matches are with the main dishes from Umbria such as the tagliatelle with the meat sauce, or  the vegetables or meat filled ravioli with a game sauce and in general all the riches main dishes.

Also the risotto with saffron, with mushrooms sauce and also with asparagus are perfect for this wine. As second courses you can match grilled or roasted meat or the meat flavored with vegetable sauces or aromas. This wine is also joinable by game and medium or  aged cheeses.

The ideal service temperature is 16°C even if this wine can express itself also with lightly higher temperatures (max 18°C). The wine glass has to be wide to better express its aromas.

The best years of the Rosso di Montefalco DOC, which is produced at maximum  12.000 bottles per year to better preserve the prestigious are: ’98; ‘’00; ‘’08; ‘’09; ‘’10; ‘’12.

Go to our online wine shop to find out all the wines from Umbria, in addition to the Montefalco rosso DOC, such as: Sagrantino di Montefalco DOCG produced with 100% Sagrantino grapes with a rich and intense taste and able to age until 15 years; it is ideal for roasted meat, game and aged cheeses. The Montefalco Rosso Riserva DOC, aged at least 30 years, in wood barrels and in bottle  is composed by three different grapes wisely blended  with an harmonic, rich, dry and structured taste and joinable to game red meats.

The Sagrantino di Montefalco Passito DOCG, refined in oak barrels and in bottles is perfect both with meat than with pastry with product based on almonds or alone as meditation wine. The Sangiovese Umbria IGT, which is lighter, is harmonic and fresh ideal for cold cuts, and main dishes of cold pasta with vegetables. The Faroaldo IGT with a spicy and soft taste is suitable for cheeses and red meat in humid. The Chardonnay IGT has a gold yellow color with a bright aspect with a clear and fresh taste ideal for sea fruits and fish in general a part from the white meats. The Grechetto Colli Martini DOC, which is also a white wine, has a straw yellow color which reminds the autumn colors is ideal for fish and raw sea fruits. Finally the Grechetto Umbria IGT fruity with a floral taste pleasantly acid, fresh and clean to be taste with roasted white meats or in humid.