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Rosazzo Wines

Our store Negoziodelvino propose to its customers the best Rosazzo wines sold online with the best offers of the web. Typical of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Rosazzo wines have a special historical and cultural feeling with their production territories.

The history of this prestigious and always loved white wine is linked to the enormous cultural and oeno-gastronomical heritage of Rosazzo Abbey, important religious point of the 11th century. The hard work of the monks who lived there allowed to maintain the tradition alive for 1000 years.

This drink was so precious, that the friars threatened to ostracize those people who interrupted the cultivation of the grape vines. Top wines of Friuli, next to other prestigious white wines like DOCG Colli Orientali and Ramandolo, Rosazzo wines were celebrated by the Venetian Republic, that possessed these hills and started the diffusion of its products in the whole Italian territory.

Soils, production techniques, versions

As the norm of this DOC requires, the varieties for the production of this wine has to be uniform with a specific percentage of Tocai Friulano, minimum 50%, Sauvignon between 20-30% and not over 10% of Ribolla Gialla. It is allowed to ad other vine varieties of the area around Udine, that although doesn’t have to exceed the 5%.

The territory is extended around the abbey, in the south-east of Udine and includes the district of Corno di Rosazzo, Manzano and San Giovanni Natisone. Here was created the rule that impose the wine making and the bottling “in loco”and that allows the use of wooden barrels.

This well-structured product shows a classic straw yellow colour, with a delicate scent and a dry, harmonious taste. Interesting is another version produced in these zones famous for the whites: we are talking about Rosazzo red wine, created between tradition and innovation.

A blend that is the result of hard work, aimed to extract the chromatic features and the strongest aromas from the peels. The taste of this wine is intense, structured and enchanting.

Good taste and classy food-pairing

Its perfume recalls flowers and fruits cultivated in the eastern side of Alps, a zone where mountains, hills and coast meet together. The scents of apple, camomile and thyme are joined to a dry and strong flavour.

The classic pairing for this and others aromatic, fresh white wines, like Vermentino and Traminer, is white meat. If you want to try the local tradition, you have to try it with fish, crustaceans and oysters. It is excellent also with caviar, seaweeds and “risotto” with vegetables.

It has to be served at 14.16°C. The winery Livio Felluga offers interesting and high quality Rosazzo wines. Its IGT bottles and its reds recall the tradition of Friuli. It is a piece of the regional culture that has to be tasted absolutely, with its freshness and its typical taste, it brings with him the history of the abbey that preserved the recipe for years and make it alive again.

Negoziodelvino sells online all the best bottles of Rosazzo wine with special prices and super offers. This wine is ready to be tasted during a dinner with friends, don’t miss it!