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Trebbiano Abruzzese

Among the white wines of Italy, the ones named Trebbiano are several in fact is one of the most ancient and spread vine in the country but in Abruzzo this wine born cultivated already at the time of the Etruscans and the Romans and it was quoted by Pliny the Elder. It was very spread during 50’s but in the 60’s it obtained the DOC certification which valorized the product.

This vineyard is particularly suitable to any territories and climatic zones and it is produced especially in the Pescara, Chieti, Aquila and Teramo areas which have the very perfect conditions for the cultivation of this variety.

This is a wonderful product realized with the 85% of the homonym grape and the integrated with the remaining 15% of other vineyards. The cultivation soils are clay-limestone and exposed at the sun and it help to guarantee the sugars production with a concentrate aromatic characteristic.

A rich of history and tradition production

The white wines from Abruzzo are loved and renamed all over the world but the Trebbiano is especially known for its long tradition. It has a straw yellow color with a delicate smell rich of fruity and honey aromas. It is a medium-late vineyard.

It has a dry and decided taste, lightly sapid with the vinification made in stainless steel tanks at 17°C and few farmers ferment the Trebbiano also in barrels for one year.

There are also different wineries that produce it such as the Jasci or the Cascina del Colle. Very interesting is the trebbiano d’Abruzzo Casal Thaulero, with a wide and delicate aroma with fruity, citron and spicy hints.

Rich suggested pairings and a great versatility

The trebbiano abruzzese is a structured wine that when young have green reflections a great acidity and a typical bitter almond aftertaste and it is refined in bottle for at least 4 months.

The Trebbiano is one of those wines from Abruzzo which must be served fresh at 8-10°C to perfectly taste the light pressing of the grapes and the picking of the grapes from the last week of September to the first decade of October.

It is intense, enveloping and it is perfect with fish soups, or sea food but also with grilled and baked fish. It is also good with risottos, mushrooms, beans soups and white meats.

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