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Passerina wine

The Italian white wine is one of the most appreciated in the world and among these wines there are some that only recently have acquired their space in the wine Italian panorama such as the Passerina wine a very quality and full of personality wine. The origins of the name come from the little sparrow (passero in Italian) which is very greedy of the bunches; in fact ones ripe they are very sweet and tasty. Although this vine is renowned as a quality wine, the passerine has lived for many years in the shadow of other similar vines which were maybe less tasty but with more profit. Fortunately our farmers are forward-looking and they achieved to give the chance to the vine to be tasted by the enologists which has showed its power by being appreciated also compared to other affirmed realities. Today the Passerina is cultivated in many regions in Italy and it give birth to DOC, DOCG and IGT denominations.

The Passerina vine

The Passerina vine is principally cultivated in the center of Italy such as Marche and Abruzzo and the Passerina wines from Abruzzo are the most appreciated and researched in the market. The Passerina grapes are little with medium thick peel with a golden color. It has a great sugar concentration but also an elevate acidity which is transmitted to the wine. The wine produced has a straw yellow color and its acidity makes it perfect to become a sparkling or a dessert wine. The maturation of the Passerina grapes is assured by the Mediterranean climate because of the sea breeze. According to the wine making processes the wine acquires different personalities but there is a constancy like the very delicate aromas joined by a sweetness and acidity that coexist in a perfect balance. This wine can also be aged.

The suggested pairings with the Passerina

The white wine Passerina when made with a single variety can be matched to risotto and sea food such as crustacean soups. When it becomes a dessert wine it is perfect with desserts, typical cold cuts, and in its sparkling version is perfect with fish starters. In all the varieties the Passerina wine is a perfect wine to cheer your guests. Find out our best offers we have dedicated to, in our online wine shop. Only us can assure you the convenience in buying quality wines that can be on top of your lunches and dinners to cheer your guests and to bring on the table the typical aromas of the middle Italy. Take advantage of our exceptional offers and enrich your cellar without giving up the save.