Ur Italian Wines comes from our huge passion for wine and curiosity for new labels as well as from the fascination for new flavors, aromas, colors and local traditions, different but still recognizable by the indelible imprint left by the origin land. We would like to share with you our knowledge that we acquired over these years, as well as the pleasure of tasting genuine, high quality wines which are the pride of the Italian tradition.


We would like to offer a wide range of wines, among which you can choose not only famous and award-winning wines, but also wines from small and medium-sized wineries that are still little known today but equally able to amaze for the their personalities. We like to offer you authentic, genuine, high quality wines, always able to give emotions, with the right balance between quality and price.


Our constant research aimed at always bringing new improvements to our catalogue, our availability offer updated 24 hours a day, our selections, the perfect wine recommendations for gifts to remember, our suggestions for the perfect combinations for each dish: we will do our best to become for you a safe and reliable reference for the choice of your wines.