The basic idea that has supported us in the creation of a e-commerce site dedicated to selling wine "Negozio Del Vino" was born from our "old" passion for wine labels , by curiosity to find new types of products , the fascination for the discovery of new flavors, aromas , colors and knowledge of local traditions , which differ according to the regions they come from, but recognizable from the impression left indelible from the lands from which they arose . We would love to share our knowledge of these that we were able to acquire despite our young age, " raising awareness " those who share our passion , more or less intensely , in addition to the pleasure of savoring genuine wines of high quality that are the pride the Italian wine tradition .We wish to propose the creation of " Wine Shop " a virtual store that offers a wide range of wines, where you can choose in convenient and easy way not only famous wines and award-winning wines , but also small and medium wineries that are still little known but equally capable of astonishing for their personality. We like to offer authentic wines , genuine, high-quality , always able to give emotions , and with the right balance between quality and favorable price.Our constant research that could lead always new improvements to our winery , our offer of availability 24 hours 24 to guide you to discover wines to be proposed as matching to your dishes from the simplest to the most elaborate , the proposal of our selections , the advice of wines perfect for gifts that will make you remember the suggestion for a daily wine tasting , will win your trust and we would be delighted for you to become a safe and reliable reference for the choice of your wines.