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Grillo Siciliano

Excellent as a gift to a friend or to be joined with a classy dinner based on fish or meat. Our Grillo wines sold online, with their delicate taste, are today available at a very good prices. They are produced with a typical variety of white grapes diffused in Sicily, mainly in the zone of Marsala and Trapani.

Grillo is an interesting product with a great quality of flavours, where it is easy to discover mediterranean aromas, like wild herbs, white pulp and citrus fruits.

Shiny straw yellow but with soft shades of gold, this is wine is the result of the modern processes of the last 35 years, where the vinification and the distinction between the different vine variety takes producers like wineries Nicosia to the success. This producers are famous for their modern technique and their high level products, created with a single variety vine making in a biological way.

High quality of raw materials and careful processing

The grapes used to produce the refined Grillo are mainly cultivated on clayish lands of medium texture, with a system called guyot, that, with its typical geometrical pruning, maximize the production and the quality of the product.

The harvest is in September and it is done manually. The grapes transportation takes place in big baskets. After the arrival at the cellar starts a process of cooled, controlled temperature maceration that lasts 12 hours. The squeezing out and the pressing of the fruit is followed by a process of cooled static decanting of 48 hours.

This process is useful to separate the the gross sediments, that, thank to the cold temperature, fall in the lower level, without the addition of any other element. The fermentation of Grillo lasts 20-25 days, with a temperature setting always lower than 18°.

After this process starts the aging in modern containers made of steel, that is concluded by the last phase, the evolution in the bottle that lasts, for the white wines of Sicily, 2-3 months. The end of the process is essential to give the wines the features that make them recognizable.

Tasty pairings and excellent properties

The aromatic characteristics of Grillo, prestigious italian white wine, can express themselves better at a service temperature between 9-11°C. The high wine glass is the most appropriate because of its shape.

It allows, in fact, the diffusion of the typical fruity marks of this prestigious wine, with some hints of mint and nettle. The decanting time changes, depending on the age of the bottle. The older it is then longer should be its time of exposition to the air.

Usually Grillo, and also other wines of Sicily, have an exposition time between 20-40 minutes. A suggestion is to let all the bottles that stayed years in the cellar decanting for a while, in order to give the product the right level of oxygenation that helps the recovery of organoleptic properties.

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