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Soave wine

The Veneto is the mother of many important wines but in the Verona province born the Italian excellence such as the prestigious and renamed Soave wine. This term comes from the Swabians “Suaves” that arrived in Italy together with Alboin the King.

During 1500 this area improved in the techniques in fact born the dry stick, the trellised and the low vineyards cultivations methods.

In the first years of 1800 born a producing company and in the following years born some winery cooperation to takes care of the wine and the quality of the production.

All the area is more than 10000 hectares and it is one of the biggest in Europe especially on the west of Verona. The soils were originally volcanic and the Soave is one of the most important white wines produced in an area with not very cold winters and temperate summers which is the perfect climate to produce the quality.

A very high quality and renowned wine

The Soave is a wine from Veneto realized with white local grapes such as the Garganera or the Trebbiano di Soave and there is an addition of Chardonnay or other local vines.

Is one of the most renowned and exported wine with a biological and long development in fact the garganera grapes matures in October and their peel particularly strong and resistant can keep the sugars easily.

The taste is pleasant with a dry aroma, lightly bitter with harmony. There are different typologies from the DOC to the sparkling wines from the Recioto to the Superiore and DOCG all with a proof around 13.5%.

Refined and styli pairings

Some common characteristics of the white wines from Veneto is the straw yellow color with bright and gold reflections and they are suitable to valorize the local food.

It is perfect with soups and vegetables. It is also perfect with oysters, fresh cheeses and the bigoli with asparagus and nettle.

The Soave is soft and it must be served it at 8-10°C to exalt the mineral aroma.

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