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Verdicchio Wines


The origin of this vine is uncertain but it is the Marche vine because it represents the 60% of the regional production with a denomination. Normally it is considerate the local vine of the region and it can expresses the Esino valley characteristics. Outside its normal production area, this vine it is not so good as in its own area. When it is produced for the superior version it becomes suitable to the aging because of its structure, acidity and sugar degree. The Verdicchio vine cultivation method is very versatile and in the cellar it is suitable for different vinification processes to obtain various typologies of white wine from Marche and the dessert wines and the sparkling ones. The Verdicchio wine has a straw yellow color with characteristic green reflections. The scent is intense and fine, but also floral with a remarkable citron aroma. The taste has a pleasant structure rich of fresh and sapid aromas together with a well balance and a good persistence in the aftertaste. When they are aged they improve the smell aromas.

The DOC of the Verdicchio wine

In the cultivation area of the Verdicchio which is the Esino Valley, there are two DOC. The first one is the Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi an Italian white wine recognizable by the shape of its characteristic bottle which is an amphora. This wine is produced in the area around Jesi which is near the Adriatic sea at 96-630 meters above the sea level. The second DOC is the Verdicchio di Matelica in the upper valley of the river far from the sea influence with colder weather. This area gives to the wine a greater aromatic component compared to the Jesi wines which instead, have a greater structure. Both the typologies are produced in white still, sparkling and dessert wines. The sparkling versions is made both with the traditional method and with the charmat one. The dessert wines are very interesting and complex with a limited sweetness. Finally we have the equivalent DOCG of these wines in the prestigious riserva version which have a minimum aging period of 18 months.

Suggested pairings with the Verdicchio wines

When we talk about Verdicchio we consider very different kind of wines that can be tasted from the beginning to the end of the meal. Starting from the sparkling wines which are perfect for any kind of starter from the vegetables, to the meat or fish. The still white wine is perfect with fishes, crustaceans and mollusks. It is also very good with grilled or en papillote food or with savoury pies and with first courses with truffle. The DOCG in the riserva versions, which are available on our online wine shop, are perfect with more elaborated sea courses or with white meats and medium aged pecorino cheeses. And finally the dessert wines are good to be matched with bakery, creams and with a semifreddo. In our online wine shop you will find a wonderful selection of Verdicchio wines to enrich your personal cellar and to delight your guests.