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General description of the territory of the Negroamaro wine

The Negroamaro is a still red wine. It is produced with the grapes which have the same name. The Negroamaro or as is commonly called “Negramaro” is a vine with black grapes cultivated in Puglia, especially in the Salento area, because this territory has some particular geological and climatic conditions ideal for the generation. The name of the vine comes from the repetition of the word “black” in two different languages: “niger” in Latin and “mavros” in ancient Greek. In addition it contributes the intense black of the grapes and its typical bitter taste. This Negroamaro is for sure one of the main vine in the Southern Italy characterized by an elevate prestigious and a balanced relation between diffusion and quality of the product. All the wines produced with the Negroamaro grapes you will find on our online wine shop for exceptional prices.

The vineyard was introduced in the Southern Italy and especially in Puglia where it was kept for ages by the Greeks and it has its maximum expansion in the Lecce territory in the south of Brindisi, in almost all the Taranto province and in the Salento.

It is an extremely adaptable grape, also used for the Rosé wine making. Both the single variety wine making than the blended ones are commercialized. Concerning this it has to be underlined the well-known “Salice Salentino DOC” which has to be obtained by a mix between a 85% of Negroamaro and the 15% of Malvasia Nera. This last variety vine helps to reduce the bitter characteristics of the Negroamaro.

The Negroamaro could be mixed also with the Sangiovese and the Montepulciano. As already said the Negroamaro wine has an intense garnet red color with a fruity and winy scent with some light black berries and tobacco aromas. The taste is full, bitter, complete and very persistent. Some of the Negroamaro wines has the DOC certification and these are located both in Puglia than in the Basilicata regions. Some others have the IGT certification so with a geographical and territorial indications recognized only to some specific local wine makings. The DOC wines are: Aleatico di Puglia DOC, Alezio DOC, Brindisi DOC, Copertino DOC, Galatina DOC, Leverano DOC, Lizzano DOC, Matino DOC, Nardò DOC, Negroamaro di Terra d'Otranto DOC, Ostuni DOC, Rosso di Cerignola DOC, Salice Salentino DOC and Squinzano DOC. The IGT for Puglia are: Daunia IGT, Murgia IGT, Puglia IGT, Salento IGT, Tarantino IGT and Valle d'Itria IGT. Finally the IGT for Basilicata is the Basilicata IGT.


The grapes used to produce the Negroamaro wine

The Negroamaro DOC wine is produced with the 100% Negroamaro single variety. The vine is quite strength with a medium budding with some strong shoots and it is suitable to different grounds and to some hot climatic conditions even if arid. The spread of scent and peel color takes place in thermo-conditional wine-makers of 150 hl and it lasts 6 days. After the separation, the must continue its alcoholic fermentation for some days and then takes place the malolactic fermentation in glass tanks. It follows a resting period of some months in little barrels and finally the bottle aging and its commercialization. The varietal features show a medium/large grape with an oval shape which tends to widen on the top. The peel is quite bloomy with a black color tending to a violet under the sun light; its consistence it is elevate and quite thick.

The main feature concerning the climatic conditions are the easy adaptation to different kind of grounds, even if during the studies is emerged that it is preferable a more clay-calcareous ground and unexpectedly the arid ones.


Analisys of the Negroamaro wine

Aesthetically this wine from Puglia

The Negroamaro is an impeccable wine. It has a bright ruby red color.

The scent  is intense and complex with some prune, blueberry, currant and other red berries flavors which are mixed to some more particular aromas such as the cinnamon, the black pepper and the spices in general. It can express sweet aromas too with a tobacco touch.  

The taste of the Negroamaro

It expresses its full heat, softness and equilibrated tannins with a long persistence. In the mouth is harmonic, finely articulated with a good winy.


Suggested service temperature and wine glass for the Negroamaro

It has to be served between the 16° and the 18° C in a Ballon wine glass.


Suggested matches with the Negroamaro

It is combinable especially with sapid and structured main course.  Also the white and red roasted meats are perfect in addition to the aged cheeses also fused.  Concerning the main courses are suggested the orecchiette with meatballs sauce or ravioli alla Bolognese. For the second courses there are the grilled  or baked lamb, and medium aged cheeses.

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