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Moscato Wines

Moscato grapes wines

The Moscato grapes wine produced by the homonym vineyards actually indicates a big variety of different vineyards with remarkable organoleptic characteristics. It is hailing from the Middle east and its millenarian history certificates the interest of the Eurasians for this vine. The berries are both dark and white colored but the most renowned variety is the white one. The Moscato grapes are perfect to produce the raisin wines and they have a very high sugar concentration. The Moscato raisin wine is the most appreciated in the market and it is suitable to become spumante and one of the most famous is certainly the Moscato d'Asti. The name could come from the fragrances that every Moscato has which could be musk or nutmeg. Normally the moscato wines have a short aging period in fact they have to be consumed when young normally after one year and half from the wine making process.

The different varieties of the Moscato wine

There are many Moscato cultivations: we quote the most important ones in the market. The Moscato Bianco with spherical berries and pyramidal-cylindrical bunches shape cultivated for the production of the Moscato d’Asti and the Spumante d’Asti. The Moscato Giallo typical of the south east regions in Italy and of Sardinia. The Moscato di Alessandria also called Zibibbo which takes its name from the Pantelleria Island for its diffusion (Moscato di Pantelleria). The less known Moscato di Scanzo with oval berries with dark blue color used for the production of the Moscato di Scanzo DOCG a wine from Lombardy typical of the homonym zone. Normally the typical color of the Moscato grapes is a straw yellow that in some cases could be an intense gold one. The taste is typically sweet and velvety more or less intense such as the Moscato di Siracusa with honey aroma together with dry fruit capable to conquer every consumer palate for its unique taste.

How to match the Moscato wines

The matching depends on the Moscato variety. The Moscato d'Asti in perfect with desserts in general even if recently is consumed with cheeses or cold cuts. The Moscato di Cagliari is perfect with spoon desserts and the Moscato di Pantelleria is perfect with important dessert or with bakery. Very interesting matches are the one with aged cheeses to exalt the aroma and the taste on the palate. Our online wine shop presents you a complete catalog of Moscato grapes and special offers to buy your favorite Moscato with special prices. You will find every type of Moscato, an opportunity to enrich your meal with white wines or rosé with a special sweet taste.