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Cave du Vin Blanc winery

The cellar Cave du Vin Blanc is located in Morgex in Aosta Valley and it born in 1983 from the “Association des Viticulteurs” with the aim to develop the vine culture of the Aosta Valley and to let know their products to a more extended public. The cultivation areas are between Morgex and La Salle, and the vineyards reach the 1200 m in highness and they are the highest in Europe.

The particular climatic conditions permits not to have parasitic illnesses for this reason the treatment are reduced compared to the traditional wine-growers areas. Even the phylloxera that, at the end of the XIX century, destroyed most of the vineyards all around Europe, did not resisted to the altitude; in fact in this vineyards there are cultivated the original vines without any graft. In this vineyards is produced, almost exclusively, the Priè Blanc de Morgex Et de la Salle a particular vine which managed to adapt itself  in this climatic conditions; it has its vegetative cycle in a very reduced period, with a late bud, to avoid the last frost and freeze and so to achieve the maturation before, compared to other vines, by anticipating the snow arrival. In 2008 it has been inaugurated the experimental laboratory in high-flying in accord with the Courmayeur guides of the Alpes. The experimental phase is for checking the influence of the altitude in the sparkling wine production phase. The cellar located at the refuge Franco Monzino at 2590 m is the highest in Europe, the wine is bring by an helicopter, whereas the yeast, not to suffer for jump of temperatures are bring by foot by the guides, follows 18 months of re-fermentation in bottles and finally there is the disgorging at the feet of the Brouillard glacier.

Another very good product of the cellar is the Chaudelune Vin de Glace which has its grape harvest by night at -6 e -10°C to have the iced water in the grapes and so with a major sugar concentration.