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Prosecco Wines

Prosecco wine

The Prosecco is known since the Romans, a white sparkling wine that in the last century has become as we kwon it today through the modern vinification methodologies. The Prosecco vine is called Glera and it is produced in different areas according to the denominations: Prosecco DOC both in the wines from Veneto (in five territories including Padova and Venezia) and the wines from Friuli (four different areas including Trieste and Udine). In this macro areas there are some micro areas where the denomination is DOCG such as in the territory between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene where there is the Prosecco Valdobbiadene one of the most appreciate variety in the world. The listed areas are climatically perfect in fact the strong thermic excursions between day and night are ideal for the berries to achieve their aromatic characteristics.

Varieties and characteristics of the Prosecco

Whatever is the production typologies, the Prosecco has always the same characteristic: it has a typical straw yellow color which could be more or less intense depending of the vinification technique. The most known and commercialized is the Prosecco sparkling wine which is divided into categories depending on the content of sugars: Prosecco Brut, Prosecco Extra Dry and Demi-Sec all with a fresh taste and aroma which is characteristic of the coming grapes. The other widespread variety is the sparkling version with a bright color with lots of bubbles which tickle the palate. This kind of wine can be dry or soft and sometimes it occurs the bottle re-fermentation, clearly underline in the label. This process make the taste softer and rounder compared to the classic vinification. In addition the aging of the natural yeasts make this wine a little bit cloudy.

The Prosecco vine vinification

To avoid a spontaneous fermentation the Prosecco vine is harvested exactly when the berries achieve the ideal characteristics to become spumante or sparkling wine. After the pressing, it takes place the white wine making process with some particular yeasts and after the fermentation it takes place the filtration to remove the impurity. It follows the natural re-fermentation which occurs with a lowering of the temperatures to achieve the perfect maturity of the Prosecco or the sparkling wine. Find out all the prosecco varieties with sales prices in our online wine shop and you can buy one of the best white wine of Italy. Take advantages of the quality and convenient prices and buy now the Prosecco to bring home all the history of one of the most ancient wine.