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Colli di Luni wine

The Colli di Luni belongs to the DOC coming from Liguria and Tuscany obtained by the perfect mix of different vines which determines each typology. Among the most appreciated there is the vermentino Colli di Luni which is at least made by 90% of Vermentino grapes and the other vines used has to respect the color of the berry. The typical color of this Colli di Luni DOC is a straw yellow color with golden reflections and once opened it wide spreads exotic fruits and floral aromas and the palate it is soft and pleasant. It has to be served at 10°C and it has to be served with cheeses or sea food. The particular mixed aromas of the DOC wines Colli di Luni are made by the territory cultivation which are hilly and clay with a microclimate perfect for the cultivation of these vines.

Colli di Luni DOC typologies

A part from the already quoted vermentino there is also the red Colli di Luni which as to have at least a 50% of Sangiovese with other white berries varieties. It has a ruby red color which becomes garnet when aged. It has a delicate smell and a dry taste perfect to be matched with meats. The white Colli di Luni is made by 35% Vermentino grapes, with a certain porcentage of Trebbiano Toscano and other white berries to create a straw yellow colored wine with a pleasant smell. Its dry taste which is harmonic on the palate is perfect for sea food. All the Colli di Luni is perfect with the Italian traditional cooking.

Where to buy the Colli di Luni

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