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Wine Valtellina

With Negoziodelvino you can discover directly at home the unique perfumes and the great taste of the wine Valtellina, now sold online. You can find it in our site, with a lot of other excellent products and have them quickly, thank to our fast shipping system, managed by experts Valtellina is valley characterized by unique landscapes.

It is situated between the Alps and the Lake of Como and it belongs to the province of Sondrio, motherland for a lot of prestigious wineries. The zone, mainly due to its steep aspect , doesn’t seem to be adapt for the cultivation of grape, but the will of the heroes of the past made the territory suitable for that.

About 2000 years ago, they built a series of drywalls, extended for 2500 Kilometers , creating a cultivating area of 5000 hectares. The vine cultivations saw their greater expansion in 1800, where the surface reached 6000 hectares.

Quintals of grapes were transported on the farmers shoulders with the help of pack baskets, from the vineyards to the wineries, through steep paths and stairs. This tradition remains actual also today.

Care and attention for high quality products

Produced in one of the most important areas considered motherland of the best red wines of Lombardy, the variety Valtellina is one of the most refined variety required by the lovers of this delicious beverage.

This place has a particular microclimate. It is protected against the cold winds from the mountains called Alpi Retiche and, in the meantime, the lake warms the atmosphere with soft winds during summer and spring. This situation helps a lot the drying of vines and support the pollination.

This land is irregular and rich of biodiversity. On the alps side, the cultivations reach 850 hectares. Their total exposition to the sun is only due to the hard work of people that made this huge area the biggest terrace of Italy for wine production.

The southern orientation of the vines, that in this position receive the right quantity of light and warm, gives the wine its typical taste. After the pressing of grapes, the conservation of the product is preserved in steel containers, that have substitute the classic concrete tanks.

This process was started in 2000 by the winery Piozza, one of the best producers of Valtellina, famous for the export its products all over the world. The delicate fermentation phase takes place in barrels made of oak or chest wood, or even in the classic french barriques.

Elegant pairings rich of personality

The products of Valtellina have an alcoholic strength that varies from 13 to 15%, depending on the producer, the requirements or on the colour. White wines, that are more sour, are usually less alcoholic.

Red wine, thank to its temper and the intensity of its taste is a perfect match with grilled or even boiled meat, typical meals of this area, where structure, taste, persistence and fat join the flavour of the drink.

The ideal glass is a big balloon, that guarantees a good contact with the air. It lets the perfumes spread out, with hints of chocolate and cocoa. The decanting time can change depending on the age of the bottle and on its structure.

In this variety is suggested to wait about two hour, in order to reach the perfect oxygenation. Each Valtellina wine has its ideal temperature, usually lower for white and higher for red wines, that better express their features between 15-20°C.

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