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Winery Tenuta Bellafonte


The Bellafonte estate is located in Torre del Colle in Bevagna in Umbria where the territory is full of hills, hillocks, woods and olive tree groves; in the core of the Perugia area in a breath-taking landscape. We really take care of the work we do in the vineyard because from a great terroir born a great wine: we take many little precautions to improve the territory. We use only manure coming from selected sheds, the territories are constantly airing to avoid the use of chemical weed killers and some procedures are made manually such as the pruning, the thinning out and the grape harvest.

The respect for the ambient is showed by the solar panels and a biomass boiler to reduce the environmental impact.

The wine making is natural without added yeasts. The cellar is built in harmony with the landscape and it is completely underground  and benefits of a regular air circulation and so it is naturally conditioned.