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Terlano winery

Negoziodelvino proposes online an interesting selection of labels signed by Terlano winery, that represent the perfect occasion to taste the typical aromas of Alto Adige. Terlano cellars were founded by 24 wine growers in Terlano. Thanks to their passion, they got to defeat the domination of the great wineries of the time. Since 1983 the history of the winery has been signed by continuous researches and innovations, in order to give value to this great territory. The name of the winery is itself synonym of the best wines of Trentino. This region has been able to enrich the wine selection of Italy with bottles of Pinot, Lagrein and Gewurztraminer. Wine growers strive to reach a great level of quality and they have been able to distinguish themselves for their passion, that made them gain a lot of positive reviews.

Unique terroir for high-quality labels

Terlano is located in the heart of Alto Adige between Bolzano and Merano. It is the centre of two culture and it has been able to express its value in prestigious bottles that cannot miss in the cellar of wine lovers. The soil is characterized by porous stones and quartz, composition that represents the perfect configuration for the cultivation of grapes. The climate is mild due to the protection of the mountains, that repair from the Atlantic winds and expose the vineyards to the sun and to the Mediterranean influences. Due to its perfect exposition, Terlano became the centre of excellence for the regional viticulture, producing unique DOC with special features. Amongst many Alto Adige DOC Terlaner stands out as a white wine characterized by a straw yellow colour that tends to green. Its structured taste recalls almonds and minerals. Another important wine of this winery is Terlano Gewurztraminer, a classic label that expresses the most refined side of the production: straw yellow colour, fresh and fruity taste and characteristic aroma.

Recommended food pairings

Between the reds stands out Lagrein, ideal with aged cheese, steer and speck, but also Pinot Noir, great with lamb and game. Though, it is Terlano white wine that made the winery successful with its unique flavours. It is perfect with fish, white meat, pizza or pasta with tomato sauce and meat. These whites give freshness to spicy dishes and are often used to enrich Indian or oriental food like sushi. These products help to appreciate the history of oenology of Trentino and are able to give their best in different situations. Negoziodelvino gives you the possibility to enjoy the fabulous bouquet of these labels, suitable in every occasion. Choose your favourite wine and take advantage of our unique prices. Discover Trentino and save your money.