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Raisin wines

The raisin wine has always be a special wine even if concerned the vinificaion is exactly the same of the more classical wines. The peculiarity of the raisin wine is how the grapes are worked which means they are left to wither for variable periods of time where the grapes dehydrate so they lose totally or partially their water. In this way the grapes enrich in sugars and mineral salts by acquiring typical and intense smells. The withering can occurs both in a natural way on the tree so the harvest is delayed for about 80 days or in an “artificial” way so the berries are left under the sun light or in rooms and this last methodology is normally used in the south of Italy for example for the production of the Sicilian raisin wines. With the second method the time of withering is reduced and at the same time there is a major control on the enriching components of the grapes.

The ideal vines for the raisin wine

The most suitable vines for the raisin vinification are the one with the berries with an intense aroma. In fact one of the most used is for sure the Moscato, in all its varieties from the yellow one to the pink one up to the Alessandria Moscato which is used for the production of the Passito di Pantelleria one of the most renowned of this category. Another grape used for the production is the Malvasia, from which it is obtained a sweet wine which is harmonic on the palate, which does not lose the original aroma of the berries from which it comes from. Corvina and Rondinella are the bases for the raisin wines coming from the Valpolicella in addition to the Recioto. Among the wines from Veneto, there is the Torcolato which comes from the Vesapiola vine a Vincenza grape whose name comes from the wasps which loves its high sugar component especially during the maturation and harvest periods. For the production of the raisin wines are used also other type of vines but the result is obviously not the same of those grapes which naturally have the perfect characteristics to be withered.

How to match the raisin wine

Normally the raisin wine is paired with sweet food, such as the desserts, but they are also very good with cheeses and same type of meats. For example the red raisin wine is often match to chocolate but also to roasted meats such as the calf one or to creamy cheeses and also to the dry fruits. The service temperature depends on the grapes so it could be between the 8°-10°C for a white raisin wine up to 16°-18°C for the red version. In our online wine shop you can find the best raisin wines production with many offers. You can chose the raisin wines produced in the best Italian wineries, and you can take advantages of our fantastic online wine shop to enrich your personal cellar with high quality and successful wines for the best prices ever. Amaze your friends with unique aromas and smells which comes from our lands.