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Etna Wines

Etna wines

With its wide perfumes rich of floral hints and its balanced taste characterized by minerality, Etna wines can be matched with every type of gastronomical creation. Vinified with local varieties like Carricante, Riesling, Nerello Mascalese and Nerello cappuccino, this product is able to satisfy the most exigent palates, even overseas.

Characterizing its mineral and savoury taste, these volcanic lands were already famous between the farmers of the 20th century. Here, the thermal excursions are able to guarantee the right maturation and the correct quantity of sugar and polyphenols. The history of the vine varieties in Sicily is ancient.

Somebody affirms that they grew spontaneously in this area, where the Phoenicians introduced other varieties that are still cultivated today. Although the Greeks improved the cultivation systems, introducing modern solutions and exporting the products all over the Mediterranean Sea. The Romans continued the work, interrupted then by the Arab domination.

The progress restarted around 1200 with the Aragonese and was pursued by the Bourbons later, who restored the cultivation and produced wines with a high alcoholic content, ideal to be joined to other, more precious, varieties.

The high quality of these productions offers to the wines of Sicily a remarkable prestige. This territory has a perfect climate for the growth of the plants, with a mean temperature of 21°C and the right percentage of humidity.

Viticulture and modern vinification processes

The vineyards are cultivated with Guyot method and, in some cases, reach 5000 plants per hectare. The black soils are characterized by volcanic sands rich of minerals and are surrounded by woods and recent lava flaws.

With the elevation that swings between 816 and 860 meters on the sea level and the right exposition to the sun rays, the right maturation of the grapes in ensured. The fruits, depending on the variety of the blend, are harvested in September or in October. After the manual selection, they are placed in wooden boxes and cooled at 8°C, in order to stop the maturation and to avoid the excessive content of sugar and, consequently, the increasing alcoholic level.

The separation of grapes and stalks and the next soft pressing are followed by a decanting period that is concluded by fermentation in steel containers at a controlled temperature of 15°C. The choice to substitute the old concrete containers was due to the fact that steel maintains intact the organoleptic features of the product, avoiding every type of contamination.

red wines of Etna variety rest then on their fine sedimentations for a few months, with continuous stirs, before the bottling process and the launch on the market.

Characteristics and Mediterranean pairings

Light yellow colour with green shades that recalls Moscato wines. Etna white wines are characterized by an explosion of flowers and spices. The taste joins softness and character, with hints of citrus fruits skin, apple and minerals.

Excellent for a dinner with fish and seafood. Nicosia winery offers prestigious red wines, with a mean alcoholic strength of 13,5% Vol, perfect with cold cuts, roasted fat meats, like pork, escalopes with mushrooms and medium-aged cheeses. Each variety has to be served in a wide wine glass and at the temperature displayed on the label.

These are the ideal conditions to preserve the original features of the product. Be conquered by the freshness and the typical aromas of Etna wines, sold online on Negoziodelvino and available with interesting prices. Take advantage of our digital cellar.