Lambrusco Spumante "PRUNO NERO" Dry DOC Cleto Chiarli

Emilia Romagna
Lambrusco di Modena Spumante DOC
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Wine Characteristics

Cleto Chiarli
Emilia Romagna
Wine list:
Lambrusco di Modena Spumante DOC
100% Grasparossa
Standard bottle
Light and fresh
Cold meats and salami, Tortellini, Aperitif, fresh cheese

Descrizione vino

The Chiarli winery is the most ancient wine producer of Emilia Romagna. It born in 1860. The company Cleto Chiarli Tenute Agricole produces very high quality wines obtained by the selection of the best grapes coming from the 100 hectares of the company vineyard, located in one of the most suitable areas for the wine production for the DOC certification in Emilia Romagna. The production of the Pruno Nero Dry starts with the traditional pressing and with the following maceration for 48 hours at 15°C. It follows the fermentation under low temperatures with selected yeasts and finally the re-fermentation with the “cuve close” method. The DOC certification is the Lambrusco di Modena, Spumante Dry. The proof is 11% and it is used the 100% of Grapparossa grapes. This vine produces particular wines, very intense, rich with a researched softness.


Characteristics of the Lambrusco Spumante "PRUNO NERO" Dry Doc

The Pruno Nero Dry of the Chiarli winery has an intense and velvety color very deep and almost impenetrable. The taste is characterized by a strong structure with a soft and velvety taste with abundant foam. The scent is remarked, fruity and enveloping.


Suggested pairings with this sparkling wine

This wine has to be matched to finger food and salty snacks and to the most classical Italian recipe. It has to be served at 10°-12°C in a Ballon wine glass. 

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