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Valpolicella Classico Wines

The red wine Valpolicella Classico DOC (denominazione di origine controllata) is produced in Veneto, in the Verona territory in a very little area which consists of 5 of the 19 towns of the Valopolicella. The DOC denomination was given to it in 1968 with a specific decree of the President of the Italian Republic.


The cultivation territory of the vineyards used for this amazing red wine is a little area in the north-west side of Verona and it is in an area with high hill just before the Verona Pre-Alps. This zone is plenty of little and very little brooks all around this valley until they reach the big Adige river which characterized this territory.

Another prestige of the Valpolicella is represented by  the architecture. Between the claying hills marked for a fair color, almost yellow, rise up some fantastic and prestigious villas with columns, colonnades and capitals that enrich the façade manufacturing.

There are also little churches, Pieves, courtyards, noble and rural courts that valorize the territory with historical statements that today are still used for the cultivation of the vineyards and for other typical cultivation of the region.  

For this reason there were found some pre-roman and roman proofs that attest that in the valpolicella classic area was produced a red wine called “Retico” which could be produced only by two local population, the Reti and the Arusnati that have respectively the south valley and the north valley. Moreover, thanks to the testimony of some important writers such as Plinio, Virgilio, Marziale and Svetoni we know that, that great wine was served at the Emperor court.


In the Valpolicella territory, land of the Venetian wines and mostly of the Veronian ones, are produced many other wines such as the “Amarone della Valpolicella”, and the “Valpolicella Ripasso” which, after the fermentation, have an additional passage on the residual marcs which give more alcoholic degrees and a great structure. There is also the “Recioto di Valpolicella” which is characterized by intense colors and scents and finally the Bardolino. All these wines can be bought on our online wine shop Uritalianwines.


The Valpolicella Classico DOC born from different vineyard grapes that have to come exclusively from the same geographic area and they have to be blended by following specific percentage.


The “Molinara” grape is the 5-25%. The Molinara is a grape that reminds the prune (if covered by dust) in its color, shape and aspect. It gives a rosé colored wine, similar to the Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo, but more delicate, with a not high body and mainly used for being blended with other vineyards.


The Corvina veronese (Cruina or Corvina) is the 40-70%. It has a deep blue-violet color which is resistant to the winter temperatures and it produces an intense ruby red color wine, rich of tastes and scents that reminds you the characteristics of the high hill of the land where it comes from. It is structured with a good alcoholic degree.


The Rondinella is about the 20-40% with a blue-violet grape color with little bloom and so bright and strong on the touch. When is passed through a single-variety winemaking process it gives an intense ruby red color, with a not very high alcoholic degree and few tannins with a light and kind scent but intense at the same time. It  adaptable to be blended with other grapes.


Even with little percentage, in the Valpolicella Classico wine making you can find some grapes coming from the Rossignola, Negrara, Trentina, Barbera and Sangiovese vineyards alone or blended for a maximum of 5% because these vineyards are authorized by the Verona province.


The Valpolicella Classico is a Venetian wine very prestigious and it has an intense ruby red color (ripe cherrys), mellow and it is improbable that light comes through.


Its scent is amiable, strongly winy, with a clear aroma of the cellar where the must has fermented, appreciable also when it is young when it reminds some bitter almond flavor.


Its taste is dry and velvety, rich and quite bitter but harmonic with a medium-low alcoholic degree (11/12,50 degrees).

The valpolicella classic, to be qualified as “Valpolicella Superiore” has to be commercialized with an alcoholic degree lower than 12° with a minimum time aging of one year in the territory production from the following January since it is produced.


The Valpolicella Classico has to be served at 18° in wide and short wine glasses. Depending on the state of maturation it needs a different period of settling which can be from 1 hour for the youngest one to 3 hours for the aged ones and for the Superiore. The typical maturation time for this wine is 2 years but it can be more as for the Superiore.


It is perfect to be matched with white meats, cheeses and with red boiled meats. The Valpolicella classico DOC can be also matched to many other more structured and rich dishes but it is a kind of worsening in the refinement. The Valpolicella superior variety has to be matched with games and roasted meats.


The best year production are the following: ’83; ’88; ’90; ’95; ’97; ’98; ‘’06; ‘’08.  All these wines you can buy on our online wine shop uritalianwines and if you do not find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate in contacting us.