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Curtefranca Wines

The Curtefranca wine

The DOC Curtefranca denomination is reserved to all those exclusive wines of the Brescia province that once were called Franciacorta lands but today they represent a wonderful production on its own. In this way there in no misunderstanding with the denomination of the prestigious Franciacorta. The Curtefranca grapes come from spontaneous vines whom testimony dates back the prehistory. They come up to us thanks to the good predisposition of the cultivation in their original lands where the cultivation is still the base of the agrarian economy. It is divided in two typologies: red and white. Both have the DOC denomination and the ampeolographic base of the Curtefranca consists in the use of different grapes from the Chardonnay to the Pinot, the Merlot, and the Cabernet Sauvignon in a perfect mix of aromas. It can cheers the most demanding palate, especially if it is joined to some particular food and if served at the right temperature.

The typologies of the Curtefranca DOC

The Curtefranca wines can be dived in two categories: the DOC white and red Curtefranca denominations that almost cover all the production. The white Curtefranca is a DOC wine with at least a 50% of Chardonnay and a 50% of Pinot both white or red. It has a straw yellow color with green reflections. The aroma is delicate and floral with a soft but dry taste. It is also very good the Red Curtefranca which has the DOC denomination only if made with at least a 20% of Cabernet Franc together or in alternative to the Carmenere. In addition there is a minimum 25% of Merlot, and finally the Cabernet Sauvignon from a 10% to a 35%. It has a vivid red color with particular ruby red reflections and the aroma is intense and fruity. The taste of the Curtefranca Rosso makes it perfect for being served in many different occasions.

How to match the Curtefranca

To both the typologies of the Curtefranca, it can be added the "Vigna" (vineyard), denomination which is reserved to those wines produced with specific vines without the addition of any exterior variety. Each of these typologies are perfect with traditional food. The white wine is very good with classic fish starters and first dishes, these last especially if the wine is aged in wood. The red version is perfect with meat courses and if aged it has to be matched with game. A perfect wine from Lombardy, perfect for every occasion. By leafing through our online wine shop, you will find the best offers to buy the DOC Curtefranca bottles with some very special prices. Our online sale allows you to get the best convenience and at the same time to also bring home a unique product such as the Curtefranca wine. Make your lunch and dinner a wonderful moment to be passed together with a Curtefranca on your table. Enrich your cellar with one of the most prestigious and appreciated wines in Italy for a very special price.