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Pinot Bianco Wines

The Pinot Bianco

It probably comes by the Pinot Grigio or by the Pinot Nero and when it is aged, it acquires an intense scent. It is cultivated in several Italian regions but also in France and in Germany. It is often confused with the Chardonnay because they are normally cultivated together but the Pinot Bianco has an early maturation and it loves the dry climate. The Alto Adige is one of the most crowded areas and the Pinot Bianco Alto Adige is one of the most requested on the market. The Pinot Bianco bunch has medium little dimensions, almost compact and the berries has spheroidal shapes with a thin and light peel while the pulp is sweet and juicy. The cultivation methods and vinification are different and they are recognizable for the color of the wine.

The characteristics of the Pinot Bianco

The wine made by Pinot Bianco grapes has a straw yellow color with different reflections according to the wine making process used. On the palate it can be dry or body depending on the aging technique in fact it becomes dryer if vinified in steel and more bodied if vinified in wood. The smell are floral, while its aroma has to be blended. It is particularly suitable to become a sparkling wine for its natural acidity. The Pinot bianco is often blended to the other Pinot. It is perfect to be matched with fish or white meats, with light starters or dishes and as appetizer. It has to be served at medium low temperatures not to overpass the 12°C.

The Pinot Bianco wine on sale

Our Pinot Bianco offer is wide and variegate with all the best production coming from the most renowned Italian wineries. You can choose the DOC wines coming from Alto Adige or from Friuli and Veneto to satisfy your palate. Find out the convenience in our online wine shop to cheers your guests with several bottles of Pinot Bianco at very low prices.