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Pinot Nero Wines

Wines from the Pinot Nero vine

The Pinot Nero is universally considered as one of the red berries vine which makes part of nobility. It comes from the French Bourgogne and since always the Pinot Nero has been a challenge for the farmers because to express at its best, it needs the most suitable climatic conditions. The peels of the Pinot Nero have a blue color and they are very thin; from these grapes it is produced a quite intense red colored wine. The Pinot Nero vineyards don’t have a great profit and compared to the other red berries they ripen before and the wine making process occurs in barrels. The Pinot Nero is used to structure the Champagne wine and at the same time to give it the classical aroma. The Pinot Nero is also quite used for the sparkling wines which are created with the separation of the peels from the must and for the creation of rosé sparkling wines is it directly added the red wine of the Pinot Nero grapes. The Pinot Nero wines don’t have the classical red wines color but it is clearer and more transparent but the tastes are often soft and balanced.

The Pinot Nero wine aromas

If vinified in the right way the Pinot Nero keeps all the fresh and fruity aromas of its grapes. The Pinot Nero aroma is very thin which means that the wine could assumes wooden aromas if the farmers are not very careful during the wine making process. For this reasons some of the Pinot Nero grapes are aged in steel by acquiring refinement and elegance. In addition the aroma of the Pinot Nero depends of the cultivation areas, so on the climatic conditions and on the maturation of the berries. In Italy is very renowned the Pinot Nero Alto Adige a red DOC wine of the Bolzano area that with the aging acquires orange reflections. The Pinot Nero has a fruity and floral aroma with spices hints while the taste is dry and soft with a lightly bitter aftertaste. The red vinification of the Pinot Nero is also made in Veneto, Friuli and Oltrepò Pavese. In this last area the Pinot Nero is also vinified in white and it gives origin to the Spumanti. Exactly this kind of wine is the rosé version expresses at its best the Pinot Nero aromas.

Pairings with the Pinot Nero

The matches with the Pinot Nero wine depends on the cultivation areas in fact is exactly the coming region which decides the pairings. The Trentino Alto Adige matches it with game or with aged cheeses, the Friuli with delicate courses based on fish or white meats. Then the Bourgogne joins it to the snails typical of the French gastronomy. In our online wine shop you will find the Pinot Nero wines with on sale prices and you can buy one of the most important wines internationally renowned. Don’t lose the possibility to bring you home the best quality wines of the prestigious Pinot Nero with the most convenient prices ever.