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Zibibbo wine

The Zibibbo Vineyard took its name from a word coming from Arabic which means “raisin”. The Zibibbo wine has a straw yellow color with gold reflections with exceptional scents and flavors, a typical Mediterranean wine that you can buy in our online wine shop. The production area of the Zibibbo is Pantelleria where are cultivated the grapes for some of the most renowned Sicilian wines. UNESCO declared a World Heritage the Zibibbo cultivation method which is the little tree. The Zibibbo cultivation practice in the first in the world being declared World Heritage. The most famous Zibibbo wines are: Moscato di Pantelleria made by fresh Zibibbo grapes with a sweet and aromatic flavor, and the Passito di Pantelleria, whose grapes are pressed both when are on the tree and after. It comes a Zibibbo wine with a pleasant and sweet flavor perfect with desserts. As the Zibibbo wine is very sweet sometimes is added to some blend to sweeten the aromas.

Characteristics of the Zibibbo vineyard

One of the main characteristic of the Zibibbo is that the grapes are perfect to become raisin wines. The Zibibbo berries are big, oval with a thick peel, and they can be light green colored when unripe and golden yellow when completely ripe. The bunch is very rich. The leaves of the Zibibbo vineyards are medium big with three lobes. These grapes are used for the production of the Zibibbo that you can find in our online wine shop but also as meal grapes or when dehydrated also as raisin for its exceptional sweetness. The Zibibbo production is very low compared to other grapes productions which means that it becomes more and more precious. There are not many trees in the cultivation and it can be cultivated in dry areas but it can be under the sirocco wind. The dry Zibibbo is produced with the same grapes and it has the IGT certification. It is a dessert wine typical of Sicily and it is honored of the DOC certification.

Pairings with the Zibibbo

It has a sweet and rich taste with an elevate alcoholic degree with a remarkable scent. It is used as appetizer wine but its main match has to be with desserts especially the Sicilian ones. The Zibibbo wine has to be served at 8°-12°C so it has to be served fresh but not too much. In our online wine offer you will find many Zibibbo wines to very cheap prices. Choose the quality of our service and save money by buying our best offers for the Zibibbo. You will enrich you evenings by serving a white wine with a unique taste which will conquer you and your personal cellar.