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Schiava Alto Adige

Full and rich final, always balanced, linked to floral sensations that recall perfumed and fascinating lands. These features characterize Schiava wine, sold online on Uritalianwines with interesting offers and special discounts. It is the ideal product to accompany traditional specialities and fresh cheeses. This wine takes its name by its vine variety, cultivated mainly in northern Italy in the areas of Alto Adige and Trentino, where this variety of red grapes is diffused and appreciated. The etymology of the name given to this variety, known since the middle age as “Farnatzer”, for some people comes from the strict training method that allows the production of 80hl per hectare (Schiava=slave).

Other think that the name comes from the rigid pruning adopted to govern the growth of the plant. The origins of the vine are uncertain too. Some experts affirm that it is a local variety while others assert that it has slave origins and that it was introduced in Italy during the barbarian invasions that happened after the downfall of Rome. What is certain is that Schiava, always adopted for the production of wines Trentino, represents the most diffused vine variety cultivated in the region, with peaks that today reach 20% but that in the past touched 80%.

Place of origin and production

It is the main variety for the production of wines in this area that includes the districts of Bolzano, Merano, Oltradige e Bassa altesina and produces bunches that depending on the shape, change their name. Schiava Grossa, Gentile e Grigia are only some synonyms that describe the dimension of the grape that are used in the production of Alto Adige DOC. These fruits give unique aromas that recall cherry, currant and strawberry. This variety prefers warm places with a good ventilation, the perfect thermal excursion and an elevation above the sea level that swings between 400-500 metres.

The ideal soil has to be composed by clay and limestone, elements that are fundamental to guarantee the right growth of the plants and to ensure those features, like sweetness and minerality, that make Schiava Alto Adige unique and refined. As for the red wines produced in these zones, the wine making of Schiava considers fermentation and maceration on skins at a controlled temperature of 24°C. The next fermentation process and the aging are managed in steel containers for four months. Depending on the wineries, a further period of maturation in wooden barrels is developed and last at least 6 months.

Excellent flavours and interesting food pairings

Schiava is delicate wine characterized by low alcoholic strength, low sourness and soft tannins. As testified Tramin winery, these bottles have a lot of personality and can be drunk during the meals or even alone. The lightness of this oenological variety is revealed by its light colour that has its own brightness. This wine has to be served at 14°C and it is perfect to accompany white meats, soft cheeses and typical cold cuts of the region. Take directly at home these unique flavours.

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