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The IGT wine from Calabria

This wonderful region has a millennials wine history in fact it was called “Enotria” which means the land of the wine and it is the same that today produces the IGT wine from Calabria. The history of this prestigious wine born in the VIII and VII centuries b.C. with the arrival of the Greeks that built an important temple dedicated to Bacchus and spread for all the Mediterranean Sea the Krimisa product.

With the centuries passing, the wines from Calabria, the ancestors of the IGT were always improved and they were loved in Europe and they were used as medicines. In the ‘900 with the war, there was a big loss in the cultivation but today there is a strong recovery of the local vineyards and a strong investment in structures and machines.

The cultivation surface is 18.000 hectares with a 65% of the cultivation on hills and the remaining in flat or mountains soils. The IGT Calabria wines are in Catanzaro, Cosenza, Crotone, Reggio Calabria and Vibo Valentia. This denomination was created in 1995 and it help the production and the improving.

Back to the origins and the reasearch of quality

Among the red Italian wines the Calabrese IGT is certainly one of the most important. It is made with the local gaglioppo and Greco nero grapes but also Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The cultivation is on 500 meters above the sea level at south and the cultivation is with the low cordon spur pruning method and it is produced with late picking grapes of Magliocco.

The bunches are medium-big, and they are manually picked and worked with the most classic methods but they pass through the bloodletting method to obtain more colors and polyphenols.

The white wines from Calabria are made with the Greco grapes on the Ionic side and it is the most ancient Italian wine dating back the VII century b.C. It is cultivated on alkaline soils close to the sea and the grapes are manually picked and they are softly pressed with a following fermentation at 18°C.

Rich and tasty suggested pairings

They have a straw yellow color with bright reflections with evident floral aromas and the Calabria igt is realized with white grapes elegant on the palate and a great structure perfect for fishes in humid and grilled. They are great also with batter vegetables and fresh starters.

The red wine from Calabria is more suitable to red meats and structured courses and it has an intense and decide garnet color with fruity aromas of prune and cherry. The ideal match is with roasted meats, cold cuts but also spicy cheeses and ragu.

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