Established in 1948 on the initiative of some winegrowers in the area, La-Vis is a winemaking reality that today can boast over eight hundred members, committed to working more than eight hundred hectares of vineyards. A winery of great importance, which stands as one of the most important Italian cooperatives, capable of combining, like few other stories, large numbers and quality, along a path made possible also thanks to the fundamental zoning project begun in 1980, with the name "the right vine in the right place ": a pioneering study of the unique characteristics, which starting from the peculiarities of the individual plots of all the members, allowed to enhance the individual connotations, thus leading to the production of always different wines, always of great territorial adherence, always highly faithful to their origins. A result that would not have been possible to achieve wit-hout the convinced adhesion of a strongly motivated and united social base in the desire to pursue the most total quality. It is in fact thanks to the continuous work of all the members that today La Vis is characterized by wines of great elegance and great generosity, whites and reds born in one of the most fascinating and inaccessible territories in Italy: Trentino. It all starts from the work between the rows, where the utmost attention is dedicated to each variety - from chardonnay to pinot grigio, from müller thurgau to schiava, to pinot noir, merlot, teroldego and lagrein - the utmost attention, as well as the utmost care is given to each single plant, in order to maintain the most perfect balance of nature, ecosystem, environment and biodiversity. In the cellar, then, the respect for the intrinsic characteristics of the raw material is equally scrupulous, which in each production step is enhanced by always trying to enhance all that the season and the territory have been able to express in the bunches. This is how, divided into several lines, the bottles labeled "La Vis" come to life,  wines that can satisfy even the most refined palates and the most refined tastes, as well as labels for every occasion. Wines punctually excellent.

Owner LA VIS
Enologist Dallagiacoma Ezio
Region Trentino-Alto Adige (Italy)
Year established 1948
Wines produced Gewurztraminer, Lagrein, Muller Thugau, riesling, Pinot grigio, Chardonnay, Teroldego, Sauvignon
Total bottles produced 1000000
Hectares of vineyard 750
Address Cantina La Vis - Lavis (TN) - Via Carmine, 7
wines of the winery LA VIS
Teroldego [LA VIS] € 7.60 € 9.90
Merlot DOC
Merlot DOC [LA VIS] € 7.70 € 9.20
Chardonnay  DOC
Chardonnay DOC [LA VIS] € 7.90 € 10.40
Cabernet DOC
Cabernet DOC [LA VIS] € 8.30 € 10.40
Lagrein DOC
Lagrein DOC [LA VIS] € 8.40 € 10.80
Riesling DOC
Riesling DOC [LA VIS] € 8.40 € 10.90
Sauvignon DOC
Sauvignon DOC [LA VIS] € 8.70 € 10.50
Pinot Nero DOC
Pinot Nero DOC [LA VIS] € 8.90 € 10.90
Marzemino DOC
Marzemino DOC [LA VIS] € 9.39 € 12.20
Gewurztraminer DOC
Gewurztraminer DOC [LA VIS] € 9.50 € 12.80
Pinot Grigio DOC
Pinot Grigio DOC [LA VIS] € 9.60 € 10.90
Cabernet Sauvignon "Codros" DOC
Sauvignon "Vich"
Sauvignon "Vich" [LA VIS] € 15.50 € 19.00
Chardonnay "Diaol"
Chardonnay "Diaol" [LA VIS] € 15.80 € 19.60
Gewurztraminer "RITRATTI" DOC
Lagrein "Greggi" DOC
Lagrein "Greggi" DOC [LA VIS] € 16.90 € 19.90
Gewurztraminer "Clinga" DOC
Vigneti delle Dolomiti Rosso "RITRATTO"
Muller Thurgau DOC
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