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Trentino Alto Adige wines

Wines from the Trentino Alto Adige

The Trentino Alto Adige region is peculiar compared to the Italian regions in fact beside being in the same side Trentino and Alto Adige can be easily dived in two regions. So concerned the wines we speak about Trentino wines and wines from Alto Adige. In a mountain territory there are eleven DOC areas and eight DOC wines admitted. In Trentino are appreciated the most the red wines but there are also some white wines from Trentino. The Alto Adige is famous for its white wines even if the most interesting is the Pinot Nero Alto Adige, a red wine perfect for rich and spiced courses. In Trentino the cultivation area is almost the double of the Alto Adige one but both of them are able to produce very quality wines which arrive all around the world to spread the Italian aromas and its traditions. In our online wine shop dedicated to the Trentino Alto Adige wines you will have the possibility to taste the best production of that region.

The vineyards of the Trentino and Alto Adige

Almost 14000 hectares of vineyards in total for the production of the Italian wine tradition cultivated in different ways. Among the most spread of Alto Adige there is the Lagrein a local vine with red berries which give origins to two different wines one red and the other rosé. Very interesting is also the production of the Gewürztraminer, a red berries vine used for the production of a soft, bodied and spicy wine. In Trentino with red berries there is the Marzemino used for the production of an intense ruby red wine with a fruity aroma. Then there is the Teroldego for an aged wine which is dry on the palate and the Schiava which give origins to three wines. The white berries vines from Trentino are the Chardonnay and Pinot Bianco which are used to create two of the most prestigious wines from Trentino the Valdadige DOC and the Vallagarina IGT.

Wine from Trentino Alto Adige on sale

On our online wine shop you have the possibility to enjoy our offers to buy the Trentino Alto Adige wine with a large selection of wines coming from both the zones in which you will find the wine from Trentino or Alto Adige that you prefer. From the Muller Thurgau to the red or rosé Lagrein and the Alto Adige DOC or the Sauvignon, with special prices. A rich bouquet of aromas and tastes which will arrive on your table to unforgettable evening with your friends and with the Italian tradition directly at home. Don’t miss the occasion to buy wines from Trentino and from Alto Adige with special offers for your memorable moments. You will find the best wines from both Trentino and Alto adige: a complete catalogue with incredible prices, quality and savings.