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Lombardy White Wines

The white wines from Lombardia

The history of the wine making in Lombardia dates back the Prehistory and during the centuries it improves itself to become today one of the best production in Italy; in particular the white wine is characterized by typical elements such as scent and tastes that make it famous all around the world.

The most renamed areas for the production of the white wines from Lombardia are the Oltrepò Pavese, where it is produced the Pinot Nero and Chardonnay and the Garda lake surrounding area which is clay that gives fruity aromas like for the Lugana wine a white DOC with a fresh and harmonic aroma perfect to be matched with fishes.

Bring at home these wonderful wines with their velvety tastes that are perfect to be drunk during appetizers.

The most renamed vineyards for the white wine from Lombardia

There are several vineyards such as the Lugana, the Pinot or the famous Berlucchi which will exalts you by choosing the one you prefer for every occasion.

You will have the possibility to choose between a Bellavista DOC made by 100% Chardonnay grapes with a velvety smell of ripen pineapple and apricots and with a mineral sensation on the palate with a perfect balance for starters and fish courses. There is also the Lugana Le Quaiare with pear and peach aromas with a balanced taste between sapid and acid ideal for white meats, fish and incredibly also with the cold cuts.

Finally there is also the Lugana Prestige, a DOP with oat and pepper aromas with a soft taste given by the soil where it is cultivated.

Production methods and pairings.

All the wines from Lombardia are characterized by very focused and caring farmers which made all their love in the production of these wines which have a real excellent quality.

The white wine from Lombardia is cultivated in different ways according to the cultivation area to give to the wines the best organoleptic characteristics. There are some white IGT wines from Lombardia born from clay and sandy soils with a strong thermic excursion and a particular micro climate given by the altitude where they are cultivated.

They can be matched with light fish courses or with fume fish to exalt the taste. The raisin wine can be matched with desserts and served cold in suitable glasses.

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