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Sicily Red Wines

Red wine from Sicily

Sicily is one of the most ancient wine producer since the Phoenicians, and the wines from Sicily have been considered only for blending other vines, but today they have achieved a very prestigious denomination also worldwide. The constant research of the little farmers has achieved the creation of the red Sicilian wines with the typical aromas of the territory full of taste and body that only the Sicilian grape can transmit. The red wines from Sicily can be tasted in different versions sweet, raisin wines which are used as meditation ones. All the Sicilian wines can transmit the territory and the love for the grapes cultivation which is a state of life.

The varieties of the red wines from Sicily

There are several varieties of bottle that belong to the red wines from Sicily some are produced with the homonym vines other are the perfect mix of tastes and quantities of different nature. The main Sicilian red wine is for sure the Nero d’Avola which is a ruby red colored wine whom intensity comes from the coming vine and it has the spicy aromas of Sicily. The Syrah red wine from Sicily, an IGT wine is exclusively produced by the homonym vine. The taste and the aroma change depending on the aging period which can takes place both in steel and in wood without losing any characteristics. There is an interesting and prestigious production of the rosso Sicilia DOC, which is a perfect mix of the local vines and it has the typical aromas and fragrances of this territory.

To serve the red wine from Sicily

The red wine from Sicily it must be served at room temperature after a decantation period and it must be served in medium or big sized glasses to be pleased by the aromas that it leaves. The red meats and the flavored tastes of Sicily are the perfect matches with those wines. If you are looking for special offers for the Sicilian red wines, come in our online wine shop not to lose the special offers with web prices. Find out the convenience of our prices and bring home the Italian tradition that will pleased all your guests.