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Piedmont Wines

Piedmont Wines

Negoziodelvino offers the best wines of Piedmont online with discounted prices, produced by the most famous wineries and suitable with different types of meals and dishes. This region has always been adapt for the cultivation of vine.

During the roman domination, the hills and the mountain of this zone permitted to the inhabitants to cultivate on soils that helped a lot the growth of the plants. Although the tradition has continued during the centuries, in the last 300 years we have attended a real increase in production and quality.

The territories play now an important role in the wine making processes and are praised all over the world. It is easy to imagine that every wine lover knows Langhe and Monferrato. We are not only talking about plain or handmade wine, in fact, at the end of the 19th century, the region started to produce, in Asti, sparkling wine.

They developed “Martinotti” method and it became a standard after a few years as an alternative to “Metodo Classico”. Nowadays, Piedmont is considered one of the strongest region of the wine sector, with a lot of denomination and famous wineries recognized all over the word.

Attentive selection and product care

Barolo is without any doubts the most famous and prestigious wine of the area. It is produced with Nebbiolo variety and it is known in the zone for its particular predisposition to aging: it can rest months or years without losing its aroma. We are talking about a special product with a prestigious history to tell.

It was appreciated by Savoia family and it was envied by the courts of entire Europe. Its grapes are cultivated on soils rich of limestone and clay and require, after the wine making process, three years of aging.

The taste is structured with an intense scent that recalls the best red wines of Piedmont, rich of tannin and suitable to a long aging. An excellent example is the Bramaterra, or the reds Monferrato, dry, fresh and perfect during the meals.

On the opposite side we could find Brachetto Piedmont wine, that can’t stand the maturation period. For this reason, it is often drunk within two years after its wine making. It has a low alcoholic level with delicate and aromatic perfumes that recall mature fruit and flowers.

Prestigious Products and eternal food pairings

Piedmont doesn’t produce only excellent reds. The region praises also a lot of white Piedmont wines, sparkling, fresh and famous worldwide like Moscato di Asti, or bitter and rich of herbs like Roero Arneis, typical of Cuneo.

The classical pairings recall the local kitchen, but it isn’t impossible to find some particular solutions, suggested for example by Rosé Piedmont wines, that become more and more popular between the “giants”, reds and whites.

This article expresses all its organoleptic features with mushrooms, melted cheese or fresh cheese, “risotto” and even with seafood, prawns and salmon. You can find the most exclusive offers and the best prices only on Negoziodelvino.