Dolcetto d'Alba DOC Bel Colle

Dolcetto d'Alba DOC
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Bel Colle Winery  The Agricultural company Bel Colle is located in the Langhe territory i...
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Wine Characteristics

Bel Colle
Wine list:
Dolcetto d'Alba
Dolcetto d'Alba DOC
100% Dolcetto
Standard bottle
Medium-bodied and fragrant
Cold meats and salami, Rabbit, Scallops with mushrooms, Mixed boiled meat, Cockerel grilled, Medium-aged cheeses, Tagliatelle ai Funghi

Descrizione vino

The Dolcetto d’Alba of the Bel Colle winery is a traditional wine from Piedmont located in Alba at the south of Turin, in the Cuneo province. It is obtained by the same named vines located in the Langhe hills. The wine is made with 100% Nebbiolo grapes. The aging occurs after two years from the vinification. The first year in oak or chestnut barrels then in oak wood. If aged for more than 4 years it converts in a Riserva and it is also honored by the DOC certification. A particularity of this wine is in its label which represents a painting of the Pinot Gallizio (1902-1964) painter of Alba, a Langhe man who loved colors and tasting of this land.


Characteristics of this wine of the Bel Colle winery

The Dolcetto d’Alba wine has a ruby red color with purple reflections more or less austere depending on the aging period. The winy scent is pleasantly fruity with a dry, soft, lightly bitter and harmonic taste.


Suggested pairings with this Dolcetto d'Alba DOC

The Dolcetto d’Alba wine of Bel Colle is perfect with cold cuts or with local starters. The medium aged cheese is perfect too. If young it has to be served at 18°C in a Ballon wine glass. It is perfect is aged with flavored courses such as the game or meats in humid. 

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