"We are in Trapani, in an area that extends between the sea and the majestic fortress of Erice: it is here that at the beginning of the 80s Salvatore Di Gaetano gave the way to what is now one of the most important wineries in Sicily, responding to the name of "Firriato", from the district of the same name in which is located the headquarters of the winery.The hectares of vineyards owned are currently about 320, divided into seven different estates, one of which is located on the slopes of Mount Etna, one is located on the island of Favignana, while the other belong to the territory of the province of Trapani.Among the rows, the vine varieties that dominate are the autochthonous ones, flanked, however, also by the classic international varieties, and the plants - some of which are centenaries and prefillossera - are bred in full respect of the environment and ecosystem.In the cellar, the most modern technological innovations are used in full respect of the intrinsic characteristics of the bunch, and every aspect of the production cycle is reserved for the most meticulous attention.Every year, the fruit of nature is interpreted, shaping it in order to enhance the organoleptic values that the grapes express.Da “Harmonium” a “Ribeca”, da “Camelot” a “Favina”, passando per “Chiaramonte”, “Quater”, “Sant’Agostino”, “Altavilla”, “Caeles” e “Cavanera”, è in questa maniera che prende vita un’ampia gamma di vini, which is able to combine high quality with the specific values of the territory, proving punctual and reliable as few others know to be.Labels, among other things, all bearing the indelible signature of Vinzia Novara, wife of the same Salvatore Di Gaetano, but above all voice and face of an entrepreneurial success that has dictated the course of the Sicilian wine Renaissance, as well as the soul of a brand - that of Firriato - which has contributed a lot to the wine-making Olympus of the Great Island.

Pellegrino Giuseppe
Foundation year:
Vini prodotti:
Nero d'Avola, Etna Rosso, Etna Bianco, Syrah, Cataratto, Zibibbo, Passito e Perricone
Total bottles produced:
Hectares vineyards:
320 ha
Firriato Distribuzione - Paceco (TP) - Via Trapani, 4
Vini della cantina FIRRIATO