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Sicily wines

Sicilian wines

The Sicilian wines have a long tradition, even if for their high alcoholic degree, for many years they were used as blended wines for more prestigious wines of the other regions. With the new technologies, also the Sicilian wines obtain the reward deserved, in fact some typologies are honored by the DOC certification. Among the most famous Sicilians vines there are the Nero d'Avola, a red wine ideal to be tasted with roasted or grilled meats, then there is the Zibibbo from which is obtained a very prestigious liqueur wine. The first DOC wine is a Sicilian wine: the Marsala which was the first to receive that price in the 60’s. Today there are around twenty DOC Sicilian wines while there is just one IGT wine the white Placido di Sicilia and only one DOCG wine which is the Cerasuolo di Vittoria a red Sicilian wine with a dry and round taste. The Sicilian wine today is one of the most requested in the market because the wonderful taste together with the characteristic aromas from Sicily give to those wines a very unique success.

Sicilian wines typologies

In Sicily there are different typologies of wines thanks to the several local vineyards both of red and white grapes. There are also some classic international varieties such as the Chardonnay and the Cabernet Sauvignon. The local white vineyards for the white Sicilian wines are the Grillo, the Grecanico and the Damaschino. Another important vineyard is the Inzolia which is also cultivated in other Italian territories and it gives a very intense and enveloping perfume and a taste strongly fruity. The local red vineyards are used for the most prestigious Sicilian wines. The red Sicilian wine is one of the most appreciated in the world and comes from the Nero d'Avola, then there are the Frappato which gives a bodied and fresh wine and the Perricone which has a typical dry taste but rich of harmony. Very interesting are the Nerello Mascalese and the Nerello Cappuccio vineyards that if used alone give very good Sicilian wines but if used as blends they create an harmonic wine, very elegant with unique tastes.

Sicilian wines on sale

If you want to succeed in the meal, the Sicilian wine is the solution because in its typologies is suitable to any type of course by creating symphonies in the aromas and tastes which are very good. From the sweet Sicilian wines, to the most typical ones you will have many options on sale to buy a very prestigious Italian wine. The Sicilian wines are a proud in the production of the Italian wines with several international rewords which convert them in the best choice for you meal. Visit our online wine shop and find out all the on sale wines of our Sicilian wines with the best prices. You can chose from a wide range of the wines from Sicily, the one which better fit with your tastes with very special prices. Chose the Sicilian wines and buy the Sicilian wine DOC with an exceptional offer for the best quality to have the possibility to taste it with your friends.