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Friuli Venezia Giulia White Wines

The white wine from Friuli

The Friuli Venezia Giulia has several varieties of cultivations but the white versions are the most appreciated not only in the inner territory but also abroad. The white wine from Friuli represents the diamond of the wine Italian production thanks to the farmer’s decision of giving importance to the quality that with a low profit can propose prestigious wines from Friuli that can delight everyone. Another unique characteristic of these wines is the wine making process that quit the peels of the grapes during the fermentation of the must. This method gives a very fresh product and, at the same time, a light and clean coloration with a minor oxygenation and a wonderful taste. They are normally matched with light food based on meats or fish and it can transmit the flavor of the land that loved and cuddled it.

The white wines from Friuli varieties

There are several varieties to produce the white wine from Friuli both local and foreign. One of the most interesting is the Friuli Sauvignon with its incredible floral bouquet of smells and aromas with a very important structure on the palate. Another typical wine is the Ribolla Gialla made by the homonym vine that is present since the Middle Age and today is exclusively located on the oriental hills of Friuli. It has a delicate but persistent aroma, it has a straw yellow color and thanks to its fresh and harmonic smell it can be tasted as appetizer or with sea food. Finally there is also the Pinot Grigio with a round and persistent taste and it can achieve its best if paired with the local cooking such as food with rich salads.

How to serve the white wine from Friuli

Normally the white wines from Friuli are served in wine glasses that are able to exalt their characteristics so in some cases the high and tapered glasses are perfect and in some other are perfect the medium wide ones. The service temperature change according to the wines and in the more classic versions it must be at 10-12°C while other versions can be served at lower temperatures. Find out our suggestion in our online wine shop and check your favorite bottle at very lower prices for the web. Take advantage of the special offers and you will have the possibility to bring home the white wines from Friuli Venezia Giulia for very sales prices. The wine from Friuli encloses all the love and passion of the farmers in the cultivation and if you buy it you bring home the tradition of our country.