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Sicily White Wines

The white wines from Sicily

Sicily is the biggest island in the Mediterranean sea and it is rich of culture and tradition that have their roots in the west society origins. The wine from Sicily born with the Phoenicians, great seamen and merchants, and today the white grapes cultivation is spread for the 70% of the area.

The vine cultivation improved with the Greeks that bring the cultivation methods to improve the profit, the pouring and the tree cultivation method.

Thanks to its climate this region is perfect for the production of this wine and the demonstration is the high quality of the Sicilian white wines which is appreciated also abroad where these wines are exported.

The cultivation areas are located at the west of the island in the Agrigento, Palermo and Trapani areas, mostly on hills close to the sea to receive the right influences.

The best white grapes varieties

Thanks to the local farmer’s love, some ancient and almost lost vineyards were resumed to produce a very high quality wine. Most of them belongs to the Sicilia DOC selection such as the Fiano that is fresh and sapid with an intense and lively taste.

Today the white wine from Sicily is a reference point for the Made in Italy. Among the production of white wine there are some varieties from the most classic to the raisin ones typical of the area.

A very interesting one is the zibibbo which has very aromatic grapes with particular smells. It is cultivated on limestone soils in a dry and hot weather which give an enveloping, intense and rich of citron and jasmine aromas.

Suggested pairings to exalt each taste

Thanks to the special organoleptic characteristics the white wines from Sicily are perfect as appetizer served at 12°C in wide or high and tapered wine glasses. Often matched to white meats with delicate tastes.

As for most of the white wines they are perfect with fish. But the region is famous for its raisin wine such as the Moscato di Noto with the gold color and grey reflections with a sweet and fragranced aroma that reminds the orange, citron and honey perfect to be matched with the local desserts.

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