Despite the centuries-old role in handing down the winemaking traditions of the respective territories, there are not many abbeys today still active in the production of wine. That of Novacella, not far from Bolzano, is among these: a splendid reality carried out with dedication and commitment by the Augustinian monks, for a winery capable of combining numbers and quality like few other wineries in South Tyrol are able to do. The altitude, between 600 and 900 meters above sea level, then the cool climate and the soils rich in minerals, are ideal factors to ensure that the aromas and flavor typical of the white wines of the Isarco Valley develop optimally: the Sylvaner, the Kerner, the Müller Thurgau, the Gewürztraminer and the Veltliner. The red grape varieties, on the other hand, thrive in the Abbey vineyards located in the southernmost areas of the province: from here come the Lagrein, vinified on the Mariaheim farm, the Pinot Nero, Kalterersee and Moscato Rosa from the Appiano farm. The centuries-old experience - the abbey has been producing wine since 1142 - combined with the most current winemaking technologies, then the great passion and professionalism of all the collaborators, are unique values that contribute to transmitting the personality and the purity that have always distinguished them. In the 25 hectares of vineyards owned, to which another fifty are rented, chemical herbicides are banned and the treatments carried out on the plants are targeted and minimally invasive. In the cellar, nothing is left to chance, starting from cleaning, up to the scrupulous monitoring with which every single production step is followed. This is how the entire series of Abbazia di Novacella wines was born, starting from the classic line, characterized by an unsurpassed quality/price ratio, up to the top of the range, to be included without a shadow of a doubt among the most fine wines from all over South Tyrol.

Lucin Celestino
Trentino-Alto Adige
Foundation year:
Vini prodotti:
Gewurztraminer, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Pinot Nero, Lagrein; Muller Thurgau, Moscato Rosa, Riesling
Total bottles produced:
Hectares vineyards:
27 ha
ABBAZIA DI NOVACELLA - Novacella (BZ) - Via Abbazia, 1
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