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Abruzzo White Wines

The white wine from Abruzzo

The Abruzzo wine region is divided in two zones, the mountains and the coast where there are produced the most prestigious wines from Abruzzo which are also internationally renowned. As always, the influence of the wines, come from the provenience territory since the Etruscans and in the past century, the white wine from Abruzzo has been retrained and today is the main product of the production.

There are several cultivations that bring home the DOC and DOCG wines that if mixed with the local courses can achieve the perfection during the meals.

The different vines of the white wines from Abruzzo

There is the Pecorino wine that normally is used at its 100% and it brings home the typical aromas of the territory. There is also the Passerina wine that once was not very appreciated but today is the diamond of the white wine production of Abruzzo.

The most renowned and loved is the Trebbiano d'Abruzzo that is always perfect in every version. It has a delicate aroma, with pleasant smells and a straw yellow color. The taste is velvety, harmonic and pleasant. It is part of the Italian DOC and it represents one of the most produced wine of the territory.

How to taste the white wines from Abruzzo

The white wine from Abruzzo is a very versatile wine that can be matched with many courses without changing its organoleptic characteristics. It can be matched with fishes but also with white meats and the perfect match at all is with the aged cheeses for an explosion of tastes.

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