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Marche Wines

Wines from Marche

The Marche is a region mostly hilly which is a fertile area to cultivate the vines which in fact occupied more than 20.000 hectares of cultivated ground. For this reason the wines from Marche are among the most appreciated wines also for the evolution of the cultivation methods which has passed from the trees to the vertical trellised. The most spread vines are the white ones even if the red wine from Marche is one of the most renowned in the region. There are five DOCG wines, fifteen DOC and one IGT. The Marche IGT includes different typologies of wines such as the raisin one, the sparklig wine, the classic one or the aromatic. In our online wine shop you can find your best option so to bring home the typical aromas of this region.

The vine typologies from Marche

Two of the most prestigious and renowned vines from Marche are the Bianchello and the Sangiovese both with white berries and used for the production of the Bianchello del Metauro DOC and the Colli Pesaresi DOC. But the most renowned white berry vine is the Verdicchio characterized by a late ripening with medium big berries and a consistent peel. This vine is used for the production of the Verdicchio de Castelli di Jesi DOC a light straw yellow wine with a delicate and dry aroma one of the best product among the white wines from Marche. The red berries cultivation are located on the coast and there are the Montepulciano used for the Conero DOCG one of the most typical wines from Marche with its characteristic ruby red color and its intense and bodied taste. Another one is the Vernaccia Nera used for the production of the Vernaccia di Serrapetrona DOCG a red garnet wine with persistent foam with a dry taste and a light bitter aftertaste. The red wine produced in the Marche is one of the most interesting to bring to the table for its typical aromas.

Suggested pairings with the wines from Marche

The white wines from Marche are ideal with fish especially the ones coming from the Verdicchio vines. On the contrary the red wine is perfect with meats such as the Conero DOCG which is perfect with game and roasted meats. Also the Vernaccia di Serrapetrona is perfect with roasted meats but also, for its dry taste, can be joined to dessert or even drunk alone. You can chose from a wide range of the wines from Marche, the one which better fit with your tastes with very special prices. Chose the Marche wines and buy the Marche wine DOC with an exceptional offer for the best quality to have the possibility to taste it with your friends.