Conero Riserva "Campo San Giorgio" DOCG UMANI RONCHI

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Sommelier score 93/100 2023
3 Bicchieri gambero rosso 2021
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Denomination Conero Riserva DOCG
Vintage 2015
Grapes 100% Montepulciano
Alcohol content 14,00%
Cl 75cl
Sulfites Contains sulphites
Code ICQRF AN/190
Winery headquarter UMANI RONCHI - Osimo (AN) - Via Adriatica, 12
Bottle size Standard bottle
Combination Pasta with meat sauce, mushroom risotto, Sliced beef, Hard cheese, Roast meat, pork knuckle baked, Risotto
Region Marche (Italy)
Style Full-bodied and intense
Wine list Rosso Conero
Wine description

100% Montepulciano grapes, cultivated in the area of Conero, Marche. The vineyard is located in Campo San Giorgio, where the plants are 15 years old. The elevation of the hill swings is 150 meters above the sea level, with east-west exposition. The deep soil is characterized by clay and limestone. 1 hectare, 8000 stumps, trained with tree method. The strict pruning took to 500-750 gr of fruit per plant, that means 50-60 quintals per hectare. The manual harvest is linked to the weather, but it is normally planned in October, when the grapes reach the perfect maturation. Once the stalks are eliminated, the entire bunches are subjected to fermentation without any pressing process. The fermentation is managed in steel for 14-16 days at 28-30°C. After the malolactic, the wine ages for 12 months in small barrels and for 1 year in big barrels.  No filtrations or clarifying processes. After the bottling, Campo San Giorgio rests for other 8-10 months.


Features of the "Campo San Giorgio" Conero Riserva DOCG wine

Deep ruby red colour with dynamic purple reflections. Its scent is characterized by cherry, plum, orange skin, spices like liquorice root and vanilla. The taste is deep, concentrated, fruity, surrounded by silky tannins.


Recommended food pairings with this red wine produced by Umani Ronchi

It is excellent with red meat, game and aged cheeses. Excellent with meat, game and aged cheeses. It has to be served at 16°C in a wide wine glass that helps oxygenation.

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