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Marche Red Wines

The red wine from Marche

The red Italian wine is one of the most appreciated in the world both for the aromas and tastes of the different bottles and for the quality in the production such as the red wines from Marche which are the most researched and consumed worldwide.

The wines from Marche, the most prestigious, are produced with vines imported by the closest regions, especially the red ones that have found the ideal place to be cultivated and now are one of the most important cultivation.

The wine cultivation is made since antiquity and today is nationally and internationally requested for the quality and the great tradition which is behind the quality of the products exported.

The variety of the red wines from Marche

There are several quality varieties of red wines from Marche that conquer the palate of the taster with their aromas typical of the origins.

It our online catalog you will find the best quality wines that are produced in this territory such as the Rosso Conero, which is produced since five hundred years ago, and produced with 80% of Montepulciano from Abruzzo grapes and the rest of Sangiovese. It has an intense ruby red color with a fruity aroma and it must be served at 18°C.

Another important vine is the Rosso Piceno characterized by violet aromas with a harmonic and dry taste with persistent fruity aromas and it maintained its aromas if served at 18°C.

The perfect match with food

Normally the local food is the perfect match with this wine such as the reginal cold cuts, but also the chilly soups or the boiled meats.

It is also perfect with local medium aged cheeses with white roasted meats or with game for a very unique aromas experience.

In our online wine shop is available the red wines from Marche catalog with special offers to buy the best bottles by earning money. Delight your guests with the most prestigious red wines from Marche, very high quality products.