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Lombardy wines

On uritalianwines you can buy many wines from Lombardy that have been selected with care and attention in order to offer absolute quality wines, that reflect and transmit the values ​​and tradition of winemaking in the Lombardy region.

On uritalianwines you can discover the wines that we have carefully selected for you.

In the Lombardy region are produced numerous types of labels that range from red wines, to white wines and many sparkling wines including the famous Franciacorta.

The vineyards that characterize the history of the wine from Lombardy, are located over 50% in predominantly flat area, 35% in mountainous areas, and only 15% in hilly areas by promoting a viticulture of high and diverse quality.

Today there are 5 DOCG, 23 DOC and 15 IGT.

The most renowned areas for the production of wine in Lombardy are:

- Oltrepo Pavese which include production of various types of Barbera, Croatina, Bonarda, Pinot and Malvasia;

- Franciacorta, situated in the plain of Brescia, where they are born many types of sparkling DOCG;

- Valtellina with different red and white wines, the most representative are Sforzato, and Valtellina Superore.