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Tuscany White Wines

The white wine from Tuscany

Among the Italian region with a very important wine culture there is the Tuscany and the white wines grapes are a very important cultivation to produce prestigious wines.

The white wines from Tuscany are less renowned compared to the red ones of the region but they are not less important and they are produced with local vineyards such as the Chardonnay which is influenced by the characteristics of the cultivation soil and the air of this region.

Historically the Tuscany wine tradition starts with the Etruscans and their amphorae were found in France that showed how important was the wine commerce in that period. The cultivation area of the Tuscany wines is hilly at low altitudes often close to the sea from which it is influenced.

The tastes and the aromas of the best wines made with white grapes

The white wine from Tuscany has already to be discovered with all its particular characteristics which make it very interesting for the wine and food lovers. Thanks to the local farmers experience this product it is getting more and more interesting.

Among the white wines that you can find in our online wine shop there are some that belongs to the Toscana IGT selection such as the Obvius obtained with a blend of trebbiano and malvasia grapes which is perfect with steamed fish starters or with grilled fish and pastas with sea food.

It is particularly interesting also the vernaccia of San Giminiano realized with the dynamic and bio-ecologic agriculture to create a healthy product and it is obtained by a refinement in barrels for more than 24 months to create intense aromas with a sweet and floral taste.

One of the most renamed white wine is the Vin Santo from Tuscany made by Chianti classico grapes all selected and put in boxes and left to wither under the sun to keep all the fantastic characteristics.

The perfect matches

The white wines from Tuscany that you can buy in our online wine shop can be dived in two categories: sweet and dry. The Muscat is perfect with fruit cakes or the fruit salad for an exaltation of the tastes.

One of the most renamed matches is made by the cantucci with Vin Santo which is the perfection of the sensations but also with medium aged cheeses or with the fois gras.

For the dry ones the traditional matches are perfect so with sea food for the vermentino or also with white meats, roasted chicken or turkey in humid.

For a careful selection visit our online wine shop where you can find the best offers for the white wines from Tuscany perfect to enrich you prestigious cellar with intense aromas for sales prices.