Picolit DOCG in Box Livio Felluga

Friuli Venezia Giulia
Picolit DOCG
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Punteggio sommelier
4 viti Vitae AIS

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Wine Characteristics

Livio Felluga
Friuli Venezia Giulia
Wine list:
Picolit DOCG
100% Picolit
Standard bottle
Desserts, Strudel, Cioccolato, dried Fruit

Descrizione vino

This bottle is sold in silk-screened Box.


This excellent wine by Livio Felluga, produced with Picolit grapes, praises the DOCG denomination. The vineyards are trained with Guyot method on lands characterized by marls and sandstones of Eocenic origin. Its origins are still characterized by mystery. Only in 1750 we read some information about this wine in the writings of the count Fabio Asquini. The particularity of this vine variety is the partial fecundation of the flowers, that determines the growth of a few, small grapes for each bunch. This variety produces a gold-coloured wine, with sweet and sour sensations. It develops an enchanting perfume that recalls candied fruits, vanilla and wild flowers. It was the meditation wine of the European nobles. Once reached the over-maturation of the grapes, the wine-making considers the elimination of stalks. After the soft pressing, the must is clarified through static decanting. The fermentation is managed in French oak barrels at controlled temperature. At the end of the fermentation, the wine rests on lees for 18 months. After the bottling, 18 months aging in thermo-conditioned rooms.


Features of “Picolit” by Livio Felluga

Intense gold yellow colour. Its perfume is intense, rich and elegant. It is characterized by linden flowers, rose, apricot marmalade, caramelized orange skin, Bavarian cream, candied fruits, fig, acacia honey and spices. A wine with great taste characterized by class, elegance, sourness, softness and minerality. Between the sensations that characterize its taste, we can recognize melon, white peach, loquat and chestnut honey.


Recommended food pairings while tasting this Picolit from Friuli

This is a perfect “meditation wine”. It goes on well with savoury and spicy cheeses, with pastry and with foie-gras too. It has to be served at 12°C in small wine glass that helps the concentration of the scents.  

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