Bolgheri Superiore "BELL'AJA" DOC SAN FELICE

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Prizes and awards
Sommelier score 92/100 2023
Wine Spectator 92/100 2020
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Denomination Bolgheri Superiore Doc
Vintage 2018
Grapes 95% Merlot e 5% Cabernet Sauvignon
Alcohol content 15,50%
Cl 75cl
Sulfites Contains sulphites
Code ICQRF LI-3456
Winery headquarter SAN FELICE - Castelnuovo Berardenga (SI) - Località S. Feli
Bottle size Standard bottle
Combination Cold cuts and salami, Roast meat, Tagliatelle with mushrooms, Pasta with meat sauce, wild game, Hard cheese
Region Tuscany (Italy)
Style Medium-bodied and fragrant
Wine list Bolgheri
Wine description

The San Felice winery from Tuscany produces this sublime wine Bolgheri Superiore DOC of the Tuscan tradition with the vinification in blend of selected grapes of Merlot, and a small percentage of Cabernet Sauvignon The origin of the grapes is limited to the farm and covers about 6 hectares of vineyards in the locality "Le Sondraie". For the wine, there is a period of aging that is started immediately after the fermentation and maceration of 25 days and continues with the aging for 18 months in French oak barrels.


Bolgheri Superiore "BELL'AJA" DOC's features

Brilliant, deep ruby red in color. Strong hints of ripe fruit, with a spicy finish. On the palate the wine is full and dense with soft tannins.


Suggested pairings tasting this product of San Felice winery

Ideal to accompany meat dishes and semi-mature cheeses. It is recommended to consume it at a temperature of 15°C in a glass not very wide.


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