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Absorbed  in a territory firstly occupied by the Etruscan, characterized by wood and wide areas of Mediterranean scrub which is the natural habitat for boars, deers, roe deers and buzzards and where the vineyards paint the sweet hills. In Murlo, in the Siena province, the Casabianca farmhouse has spread for 650 hectares.

This land rich of wonderful atmospheres and timeless has allowed during the time since 1200 the construction of five ancient farmhouses that after a careful restructuration has become again a wonderful architecture bases of the Casabianca company. The thick stone walls typical in Siena, together with the choice of modern and ancient materials has allowed to have a natural climate  and to appreciate the furniture and the wonderful landscape. All shaped on the history and typicality of Siena and Tuscany which are perfect places for the modern functionality of the services.