Founded after the second half of the last century, in 1960 to be precise, by the hands of twenty-five winemakers, Tollo Winery has been for decades a historical reality of the Italian wine scene. Wine cooperative that has been towed for Chieti and for Abruzzo, the company now has a vineyard area of over 3 thousand hectares, in which only native varieties are grown. With 13 million bottles produced annually, Tollo winery is present in all the markets of European countries, in North America, as well as in Russia, India and China, but above all, despite operating with quantitatively important numbers, has never lost sight of excellence and quality. Passion, commitment and shared values are the guidelines that have always been followed in the company, and in the vineyards of each partner is maximum respect for the environment and ecosystem. Currently managed by a highly qualified team, Tollo winery operates with the aim of a continuous improvement of products and services, so that the wines it offers are all expressed on high standards, and constitute a range of first choice labels, in which the local specialties are interpreted admirably, enhanced and enhanced as few other wineries can do. The range of labels on offer is vast and varied, ranging from Rossi to Bianchi, through Rosati and bubbles, to organic and vegan wines. Among the Reds, the Montepulciano grape variety is obviously the most used, to obtain bottles that meet the names of "Cagiòlo", "Mo", "Rosso 409", "Sei%" and "Colle Cavalieri". Among the Whites, in addition to Trebbiano, Pecorino and Passerina, we also meet the international Chardonnay and the autochthonous Cococciola, some of which are also used for the production of sparkling wines. The organic line, finally, completes a range that really includes labels capable of responding to all tastes and all needs, and able to tell the best wine side of Abruzzo.

Tonino Verna (Presidente)
Riccardo Brighigna e Ferrante Daniele
Foundation year:
Vini prodotti:
Cerasuolo d'Abruzzo, Cococciola, Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, Passerina, Pecorino, Trebbiano d'Abruzzo
Total bottles produced:
Hectares vineyards:
3000 ha
Cantina Tollo - Tollo (CH) - Via G. Garibaldi, 68
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