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Prosecco Veneto Wines

The sparkling wines from Veneto

One of the most producing sparkling wines area is certainly the Veneto which has many traditions and wineries.

The grapes from Veneto for the production of the sparkling wines are present in this territory since 3000 years ago, which were implanted by the Greeks during their domination.

The wine history dates back the Etruscan and then also the Romans like Virgilio quoted the renowned Retico which came from the Retia, the ancient name of this region.

The Venetians merchants brought around the world this particular wine from Veneto and today, thanks to the improving of the producing methods, the sparkling wines from Veneto are among the best in Italy.

The secrets of their wonderful organoleptic characteristics are the climate, the soils and the know-how of the farmers which has always taken care of the vineyards.

Typologies and the unique tastes

The producers of the sparkling wine from Veneto are several and the tradition has been handed down since generations up to these days.

One of the most prestigious is certainly the Cartizze Valdobbiane and it is also one of the most appreciated. It a superior wine and it is produced in the Cartizze hills a little hamlet of Valdobbiadene in the Treviso province closer to the San Pietro di Borbozza area.

It is a sparkling wine from Veneto realized with 100% grapes with a proof inferior then 12% and with a wine making process that consumes all the natural sugars. The fermentation takes place at 15°C and it is stopped with a cooling process and then it re-starts until the dark conservation.

Most of them are produced in the Dry and Extra versions with the characteristic straw yellow color and an harmonic and fruity aroma with soft and rosé tastes.

Most of the sparkling wines from Veneto present in our online wine shop belong to the prosecco from veneto and they are made with innovative wine making methods and Pinot Nero grapes which are also used to produce wonderful and prestigious rosé wines.

Suggested pairings for your courses

The sparkling wine from Veneto is perfect with the desserts but also can be a meal wine since the appetizer moment.

The most exalting matching are with light and soft courses such as the raw fish or vegetables and the baked ones but also with apricots, pears and apples. They are also very good with the local radicchio or with the asparagus but also with aged cold cuts.

These wines can be also used as appetizers or with the starters such as the cheeses and it must be served at 8°C.

To enrich your own cellar with prestigious bottles with unique aromas, come in our online wine shop and find out your favorite sparkling wine from Veneto which will be great to exalt your meals.