Moscato d’Asti DOCG VIETTI

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Sommelier score 90/100 2023
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Denomination Moscato d’Asti "CASCINETTA" DOCG
Vintage 2021
Grapes 100% Moscato
Alcohol content 5,00%
Cl 75cl
Sulfites Contains sulphites
Code ICQRF CN 8613
Winery headquarter VIETTI - Castiglione Falletto (CU) - Piazza Vittorio Veneto, 5
Bottle size Standard bottle
Combination Desserts, Strudel, Chocolate, Fruit pies and cream, Panettone
Region Piedmont (Italy)
Style Fruity
Wine list Moscato
Wine description

This traditional wine of Piedmont is famous worldwide. It praises the “DOCG” denomination and it is produced with 100% Moscato grapes, cultivated in small vineyards around the village Castiglione Tinella (4500 plants per hectare). Only the best ones, that are around 40 years old, are used for the production of “Moscato Cascinetta”. The wine making process starts with soft pressing, followed by natural cold decanting. The fermentation is blocked by the cold temperature but when it begins, the temperature raises naturally, reaching 12-14°C. All the process is managed in steel autoclaves in order to preserve natural CO2. When the alcoholic strength comes to 5,5% Vol, the wine is cooled in order to fix that percentage and to maintain it stable, then it is filtered. This Moscato doesn’t need the malolactic fermentation and it is bottled with sterile filtration.


Features of “Moscato d’Asti Cascinetta”

Shiny straw yellow colour, a little bit sparkling. The perfume is intense, with peach hints, rose petals and ginger. Its taste is sweet, delicate, complex, with good sourness and great balance. Apricot sensations characterize its final.


Recommended food pairings while tasting this Moscato produced by Vietti

Excellent as happy hour. Desserts made with fruits or cream are its perfect combination, but it can be suggested with butter biscuits too. Sensational with mouldy or aged cheeses, you have to try it with lobster. It has to be served at 8°C in a high, wide wine glass.

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