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Campania White Wines

The white wine from Campania

The Campania is historically a wine land, all very prestigious and appreciated to whom could have the possibility to taste them. The first vine cultivation dates back the Greeks that introduce this practice and developed the first white wines. But the Romans gave the real impulse to the production of the wines from Campania.

The land of Campania was called the “Campania Felix” for its fertility and the white wines which were appreciated by the Emperors. In fact, the influence of both the land and the sea, give to the wines the typical aromas and fragrances of this land, which are perfect to be tasted with appetizers of sea food.

The production of wines of Campania is really selected because the years of experience in the cultivation has improved the quality of the products. In our catalog, you will find a vast selection of the best white grapes wines perfect for every occasion.

The white vines of Campania

All the vine cultivation is local so the production has a very high quality level. There is the Fiano di Avellino, used for the production of one of the most important DOCG, characterized by a typical straw yellow color, a fruity and aromatic aroma and a fresh and balanced taste.

The Greco di Tufo is another variety that took its name by the homonym area whose fragrance is quite dry and smelly and it is also produced in a sparkling version. Thanks to the local farmers, most of them have obtained the DOCG certification which are a guarantee for the quality that you bring home.

Suggested pairings

All the white wines from Campania you will find in our catalog are selected to be perfectly matched. Several of them can be used for the appetizer for their fresh and fruity aromas. For example, the Falanghina white is perfect both as appetizers or with white meats.

The white wine from Campania is perfect with a second fish meal or with crustacean and it needs to be served at 8°-10°C. Our selection is full of exceptional fragrances with apple and pineapple aromas which make it perfect with pizza or with the local buffalo mozzarella.

Many of them have a good persistence on the palate to be tasted for long time. Surf on our online wine shop and you will receive directly at home your favorite white wines from Campania for very special prices, the best you will find in the web.